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  • New from Henisha Jewellery

    We are pleased to announce a new line of jewellery from a new and upcoming designer. These stunning items are made with silver plated snake chains, equipped with extender links. The beads used are also silver plated, unless stated. Many of the beads are made of acrylic and crystal glass materials which give the items vibrancy and contain beautiful silver plated rhinestone beads to add that touch of sparkle and glamour to your outfit. These items are exclusive to Accessories Online only and we are very proud and excited to be working with this new team.

    Check out the products from Henisha Jewellery.

    Silver plated platinum silver and baby pink bracelets, with intersecting silver rhinestones with matching platinum two tier and four tier earrings.

    Pearl and alternate silver plated silver rhinestone bracelet with matching 3 tier and 2 tier earrings

    Vibrant electric blue and platinum with intersecting silver plated silver rhinestone bracelets.

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