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  • Scarf season will be soon upon us

    Let's face it, the Summer in the UK had it's routine story as it does every year. We've had our moments of sunshine bursting through the normally overcast clouds, giving us a chance to crack open that bubbly bottle of Strawberry & Lime Kopparberg in the town centre beer garden, but it now seems as we get closer to that special time of the year, that Kopparberg is slowly being replaced by a hot chocolate with bubbly marshmallows rather than bubbles.

    But it's no problem. Autumn's soon coming around the corner and it's now time to pack away them sunglasses and swimwear gear and bring out the wooly jumpers and scarves - in this case, we're going to focus more on the scarves.

    Accessories Online has you covered for the eventual arriving cold season. If you didn't know already, although we love making you feel glamorous with as much shiny jewellery you can possibly wear, we also specialise in the scarves too. For all them times when that jewellery needs to be covered with your bobble hat for the ears or mittens for your hands, you can still show off your scarf around your neck and look fabulous doing it.

    Our main range comes from famous designer Lola Rose. Lola Rose started back in 2000, when founder and designer Nicola Gerwirtz began a personal quest to create a range of jewellery and accessories that were affordable, luxurious and would make the wearer feel glamorous. It’s very rare that two products are alike, so every time you treat yourself to a new item you can be assured that you’re getting something special.

    The product range for Lola Rose includes scarves, earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. You can be reassured that each of them are made with the finest materials and are all easily wearable through adjustable and suitable closures crafted with each item, so there’s not struggle with making sure the gift matches perfectly.

    Before the weather takes that unexpected wrong turn, take a look at the Accessories Online scarf range

    Want to look stylish, catering the way you wear your scarf for every occasion? Lola Rose have a helpful guide to numerous ways you can wear your scarf for full effect:

    We can imagine not everyone likes the cold breeze just to pop to the shop, but at least with your scarf around your neck you'll feel like you're snuggled up with cuppa in hand and a cosy blanket at all times.

  • So, why Accessories Online? Service is why.

    Here at Accessories Online we take pride in our customer service and adopt a 'trust' approach with our buyers. We like to make sure that we have an efficient process so that as soon as you click the buy button there's no hassle in receiving your gift and it's produced with the quality you paid for.

    We feel there are services that make us different from the rest. For starters, we offer free UK delivery with all our products so there's no need to worry about added cost of post & packaging. If anything it gives you a little extra to maybe treat yourself or someone else special when browsing through the website. If however, for whatever reason you also need to return your purchases to us it's also free for the UK (but we don't feel you need it), we rarely have any returns.

    There's also several ways to pay with us and they're all secure methods. There's the option to use Sage Pay or Pay Pal which are both swift ways to purchase goods but alternatively we accept most card paymeFree Delivery and Returns nts including Visa, Visa Debit and even American Express if you are paying internationally. The payments are taken from your account upon receipt of your product so we know that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and it's been received safely.

    What's great with us most of all is our range of products and prices. Due to our good working relationships with our partners, we have the ability to provide you with the most competitive prices around so that you get the extra quality, for less.  Some of the biggest brands in the jewellery/ accessories industry include Dyrberg-Kern, Fossil, Lola Rose, Ti Sento and many more, and we have them all in one place just for you. The products range from earrings & necklaces to handbags & scarves, so we're sure there's something here for everyone at affordable prices.

    We always have dedicated members of the company making sure they keep you up to date with our latest products and services through our social networks so be sure to check them out. You can find all of our links below.

    Happy Shopping!

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