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  • New Season of Les Nereides Jewellery

    Les Nereides was one of the first brands that we stocked when was launched back in 2004 (six years ago, how time flies!). Since then it's remained a firm favourite with us, as each season sees the Parisian brand creating some of the most intricate jewellery we've even seen.

    For AW10 we are stocking two stunning?new collections, 'Au Clair de la Lune' and 'Colliers de Roses'.

    Au Clair de la Lune is a whimsical new collection with pretty enamelled clowns mixed with delicate flowers and Swarovski crystal berries. Our favourite piece is the showpiece necklace, below, that has trails of forget-me-nots, enamelled flowers and lengths of pearl.

    Les Nereides Au Clair de la Lune Showpiece Necklace


    Our second collection, 'Colliers de Roses' has small coral pink roses set amongst bold, rich red Swarovski crystals and vintage finished brass roses. The little rosebud stud earrings below feature sweet coral pink roses and are our favourite pick.

    Les Nereides Colliers de Rose Stud Earrings, ?26.95


    What's your favourite? Let us know by commenting below!

  • An Interview with Jacey Withers

    Our Jacey Withers jewellery collection is here! We caught up with Jacey to ask him a few questions...

    Jacey Withers

    What was it that made you become a jewellery designer?

    I wanted to show how a piece of jewellery can communicate a person's individual personality.

    What inspires you when you create new pieces?

    Old Films, mythology, the supernatural and the magic of the animal kingdom.

    Who is a typical customer? What’s their style?

    Someone who is unique, amaginative. Hopefully with an unusual flair.

    What do you predict to be big jewellery trends for AW10?

    Tribal, shamanistic and Wild.

    What’s been your proudest moment?

    When I arrived at London Fashion Week to my stand to find a queue of buyers waiting for me.

    What’s your favourite film?

    So many. Can't pick one. I do like Return To Oz.


    Lobster cooked well.

    Where’s your favourite place in the world?


    If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?

    My cutlass necklace! My iTunes library and snorkel to find my Lobsters for dinner!

  • The Dogeared AW10 Collection - Now Online!

    Dogeared AW10

    The new Dogeared jewellery collection for AW10 is out. As always, it's crammed with fashion forward styles - some clean and modern, some vintage inspired, some earthy and bohemian...all with the handmade look and feel that Dogeared is famous for!

    A new line for the season is Mantra jewellery. This jewellery has the power to quiet your mind and free your spirit. The collection has a selection of necklaces and leather wrap bracelets engraved with special words such as 'fearless', 'karma', 'dance' and 'believe' - helping you to feel inspired, empowered and connected.

    The Modern Word jewellery collection comprises of necklaces and bracelets with mottos including 'hope', 'peace', 'luck' and 'wild' - words that speak to everyone. And it has some pretty cute charms too. This new line is also on adjustable cord - so necklaces can be worn at any length up to 24 inches and the bracelets can be adjusted from the tiniest of wrists right up to a generous 9 inches.

    There are lots of new charms to choose from this season and we have also restocked some Dogeared classics for a blast from the past.

    More good news is that as Dogeared expands their collections and catalogues, they continue to decrease their environmental footprint. Catalogues, cards, and packaging are printed on mixed sources, and charms are cast from 100% recycled silver. The company works with suppliers and casters who share this commitment, and all jewellery and gifts are produced in the most environmentally conscious way possible - by hand in their Southern California studios.

    Treat yourself to some earth friendly jewellery from the new Dogeared AW10 collection!

  • Tatty Devine Jewellery - New Season

    Tatty Devine AW10

    Ready to break new ground? Pioneering jewellery designers Tatty Devine turn ten this year, and they’re taking inspiration from women who set the world alight.

    Are you a flapper winning the vote in pearls and crystals, a cowgirl breaking wild horses in a western shirt and gingham neckerchief, or a lady striding defiantly into the gentlemen’s club with a pipe and pocket watch?

    Tatty Devine’s inventive use of acrylic, as usual, breaks new territories in jewellery design. And when you’re done breaking world records and riding wild mustangs, dress up in opulent crystal deco with Tatty Devine’s sterling silver and Swarovski pearl and crystal jewellery.

    Celebrate it all with a Firework Display Necklace, a Tatty Devine explosion of multicoloured Swarovski crystals to light up any outfit. And, this autumn, falling leaves in curving glitter are based on the iconic plane trees of London, Tatty Devine’s home city. More leaves, wooden this time, are inspired by the sturdy English oak as Tatty Devine celebrate their British roots.

    Decadent times indeed.

    Future Mystic Charm Bracelet, ?117Wooden Cowboy Boots Necklace, ?39Tatty Devine English Oak Necklace, ?27
  • The Journey of a Dogeared Charm

    Our new Dogeared collection for Autumn/Winter 2010 will be arriving with us at the end of August and we're incredibly excited about it. Season upon season, they never fail to impress us with their innovative new designs. We're just waiting for images of the new collection - as soon as we have them we'll share them with you on our Facebook page. All we can tell you in the meantime is that the new pieces are simply AMAZING!

    Have you ever considered the work that goes into creating Dogeared's famous charms?

    Dogeared's charms are designed by hand, then hand cast in recycled sterling silver by local artisans. Every individual charm is one of a kind (that's the beauty of handmade jewellery!), and completely unique to Dogeared.

    1. Dogeared's amazing design team comes up with a concept for a new charm and sketches it out by hand.
    2. The rendering is sent to a model maker in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, where he creates a master model.
    3. The charm comes back to the Dogeared studio for final approval and finishing touches. The quality and craftsmanship of every piece is very important.
    4. The approved master model makes a trip back downtown to be moulded, waxed and cast in recycled sterling silver - all by hand!
    5. The silver charms are ready to go at this point, but the gold ones have to travel a few blocks down the street to be hand dipped in gold.
    6. Then, all the new charms arrive at Dogeared headquarters to be used in beautiful new designs. Only then do they leave California to be shipped around the world to happy customers like us!

    The Journey of a Dogeared Charm
  • Jacey Withers AW10 Preview

    As the arrival of our Jacey Withers jewellery collection gets closer, I thought I'd give you a little taster of the AW10 collection.

    Mythology, elements of the supernatural and the magic of the animal kingdom inspire Jacey's unique signature style. For AW10 he was particularly inspired by the the spirit of North American legend and the concept of the hunter and the hunted. In this exciting new range we encounter the elements and experience the call of the wild.

    Jacey Withers Stag Necklace


    For AW10 we will also be stocking some of Jacey's sell out pieces from previous collections including the stunning stingray necklace, fox bracelet and cutlass necklace.

    Jacey Withers’ ethereal jewellery is bold in design with a highly sophisticated use of colourful semi-precious stones. Withers’ unusual work has won him international acclaim, a high profile customer base and features in publications including Vogue, Italian Vogue and Elle.

    Jacey Withers Fox Necklace


  • Lola Rose AW10 Preview

    For AW10 Lola Rose's gems glisten and gleam in a myriad of opulent jewel tones, from Dark Teal, Tomato Red and rich Aubergine to the sophistication of Black Agate, Blue Sandstone and Picasso Jasper.

    Lola Rose Angelica Bracelet in Picasso Jasper


    New styles are inspired by women of exceptional beauty from Grecian goddesses to old style Hollywood sirens. Gorgeous cuffs, star cut hexagons, tiered hearts and cabochon drops are faceted and fashioned into modish necklaces and rings.

    Lola Rose Freda Necklace in New Korea Stone


    The Lola Rose new collection is expected to arrive very soon - we'll have it on the website as soon as it arrives.

    Lola Rose Kimberley Necklace in Aubergine Quartzite


  • Decadent jewellery by Dyrberg/Kern for AW10

    The new AW10 season of Dyrberg/Kern jewellery is now online. Called 'Panorama', the new collection takes a wide angle view from the past into the future. The collection embraces a broad perspective of art, fashion, history and geometry. A modern mix of influences and creative impulses take you beyond time and place.

    Shimmering glass cabochons in amethyst purple and jet black colours are mixed with brilliant cut Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED? crystals for some serious sparkle.

    We're stocking three of the themes from this new collection: Con Amore, Byzantium and The Monogram Collection.

    Con Amore takes a tender look at the heart, a timeless symbol of love. It mixes subtle textures that give a 3D effect. Creating a look that oozes elegance, diamond cut jewellery adds stunning sparkle to heart shaped pendants, bangles and necklaces.? Ruby red is the classic colour of love and appears as brilliant cut Swarovski crystal hearts set into elegant heart shaped earrings and necklaces.

    Con Amore Collection by Dyrberg/Kern


    Byzantium is a decadent collection comprising of a rich mix of colours. Voluptuous oval-shaped stones inspired by the medieval Byzantine mosaics at the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy add a regal look and an array of rich colours.

    Byzantium by Dyrberg/Kern


    The Monogram Collection is a special collector's edition introduced to celebrate Dyrberg/Kern's 25th Anniversary. The collection features a commemorative Dyrberg/Kern Monogram coin with a unique DK motif.? The line comprises of chunky necklaces and heavy charm bracelets in an inspiring array of shapes, lines, colours and curves.

    The Monogram Collection by Dyrberg/Kern


    Dyrberg/Kern jewellery is of superb quality. It is on plated - the best technical plating available, meaning your jewellery will stay looking beautiful for years to come. Gold plating contains an amount of 23ct gold and the silver plating is the highest quality stainless steel which can withstand long wear and tear. Dyrberg Kern jewellery is also anti-allergenic.

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