• New Season of Les Nereides Jewellery

    Les Nereides was one of the first brands that we stocked when was launched back in 2004 (six years ago, how time flies!). Since then it's remained a firm favourite with us, as each season sees the Parisian brand creating some of the most intricate jewellery we've even seen.

    For AW10 we are stocking two stunning?new collections, 'Au Clair de la Lune' and 'Colliers de Roses'.

    Au Clair de la Lune is a whimsical new collection with pretty enamelled clowns mixed with delicate flowers and Swarovski crystal berries. Our favourite piece is the showpiece necklace, below, that has trails of forget-me-nots, enamelled flowers and lengths of pearl.

    Les Nereides Au Clair de la Lune Showpiece Necklace


    Our second collection, 'Colliers de Roses' has small coral pink roses set amongst bold, rich red Swarovski crystals and vintage finished brass roses. The little rosebud stud earrings below feature sweet coral pink roses and are our favourite pick.

    Les Nereides Colliers de Rose Stud Earrings, ?26.95


    What's your favourite? Let us know by commenting below!

  • An Interview with Jacey Withers

    Our Jacey Withers jewellery collection is here! We caught up with Jacey to ask him a few questions...

    Jacey Withers

    What was it that made you become a jewellery designer?

    I wanted to show how a piece of jewellery can communicate a person's individual personality.

    What inspires you when you create new pieces?

    Old Films, mythology, the supernatural and the magic of the animal kingdom.

    Who is a typical customer? What’s their style?

    Someone who is unique, amaginative. Hopefully with an unusual flair.

    What do you predict to be big jewellery trends for AW10?

    Tribal, shamanistic and Wild.

    What’s been your proudest moment?

    When I arrived at London Fashion Week to my stand to find a queue of buyers waiting for me.

    What’s your favourite film?

    So many. Can't pick one. I do like Return To Oz.


    Lobster cooked well.

    Where’s your favourite place in the world?


    If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?

    My cutlass necklace! My iTunes library and snorkel to find my Lobsters for dinner!

  • Tatty Devine Jewellery - New Season

    Tatty Devine AW10

    Ready to break new ground? Pioneering jewellery designers Tatty Devine turn ten this year, and they’re taking inspiration from women who set the world alight.

    Are you a flapper winning the vote in pearls and crystals, a cowgirl breaking wild horses in a western shirt and gingham neckerchief, or a lady striding defiantly into the gentlemen’s club with a pipe and pocket watch?

    Tatty Devine’s inventive use of acrylic, as usual, breaks new territories in jewellery design. And when you’re done breaking world records and riding wild mustangs, dress up in opulent crystal deco with Tatty Devine’s sterling silver and Swarovski pearl and crystal jewellery.

    Celebrate it all with a Firework Display Necklace, a Tatty Devine explosion of multicoloured Swarovski crystals to light up any outfit. And, this autumn, falling leaves in curving glitter are based on the iconic plane trees of London, Tatty Devine’s home city. More leaves, wooden this time, are inspired by the sturdy English oak as Tatty Devine celebrate their British roots.

    Decadent times indeed.

    Future Mystic Charm Bracelet, ?117Wooden Cowboy Boots Necklace, ?39Tatty Devine English Oak Necklace, ?27
  • The Journey of a Dogeared Charm

    Our new Dogeared collection for Autumn/Winter 2010 will be arriving with us at the end of August and we're incredibly excited about it. Season upon season, they never fail to impress us with their innovative new designs. We're just waiting for images of the new collection - as soon as we have them we'll share them with you on our Facebook page. All we can tell you in the meantime is that the new pieces are simply AMAZING!

    Have you ever considered the work that goes into creating Dogeared's famous charms?

    Dogeared's charms are designed by hand, then hand cast in recycled sterling silver by local artisans. Every individual charm is one of a kind (that's the beauty of handmade jewellery!), and completely unique to Dogeared.

    1. Dogeared's amazing design team comes up with a concept for a new charm and sketches it out by hand.
    2. The rendering is sent to a model maker in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, where he creates a master model.
    3. The charm comes back to the Dogeared studio for final approval and finishing touches. The quality and craftsmanship of every piece is very important.
    4. The approved master model makes a trip back downtown to be moulded, waxed and cast in recycled sterling silver - all by hand!
    5. The silver charms are ready to go at this point, but the gold ones have to travel a few blocks down the street to be hand dipped in gold.
    6. Then, all the new charms arrive at Dogeared headquarters to be used in beautiful new designs. Only then do they leave California to be shipped around the world to happy customers like us!

    The Journey of a Dogeared Charm
  • Fall Trends - Necklaces

    Guest PostGuest Post by Msalonen

    I have been searching the globe for some amazing sparkles that would be in everyone’s price range. Well, NOT everyone, but most girls at least. We all know I have a slight obsession with Bottega Veneta and Phillippe Audibert. However, these days one just can’t drop couple of K’s on a necklace. So, girl needs to downsize her spending..where does she go? Well, right here at No other place for it. The thing about jewels, you need to make it your own, work it and wear it proud. I am in love with statement pieces, I am all about shoes most days, but seeing a girl on the tube wearing fantastic jewels makes me day.

    Here are my top three necklaces on As we all know, it’s almost the season for turtlenecks. YEAY! There is nothing more amazing than sleeveless turtleneck and a great statement necklace over it. Wear them proud, head up high, hair in a chignon and work it!

    Style Crush #1

    Jackie Brazil, Indiana Jones Chunky Mixed Bead Necklace in Purple

    Jackie Brazil Indiana Jones Chunky Mixed Bead Necklace in Purple, ?64.95


    OMG! Like seriously in love with this piece. Purple is like my biggest colour crush this fall. It’s lovely to wear greys and blacks once the wind hits in. However, you must have something that will make the entire outfit POP! Plus anyone can wear purple! Result!

    Am I right?

    Style Crush #2

    Kenneth Jay Lane Grey Pearl Necklace

    Kenneth Jay Lane Grey Pearl Necklace, ?36.95


    Pearls have a bad rep and I am personally going to take charge and bring them back. KJL has been on my list of desires for ages and very happy to see that there is something little more affordable in their range as well. Just don’t team them up with a pleated skirt and beehive and you will be just fine.

    The shinyish grey pearls against either black or dark fashion heaven right there. BINGO!

    Style Crush #3

    Alex Monroe 22kt Gold Plated Baby Bee Necklace

    Alex Monroe 22k Gold Plated Baby Bee Necklace, ?104.95


    I very nearly fainted as I saw this. Far too cute for my liking. I would wear this. I may have to order one. Is there anything cuter than baby bee? No, I don’t think so. Hmmm. Maybe a piglet, but I rather hang bees off my neck than piglets. OINK!

    About our Guest Blogger:

    The most recent addition to TLLWT, MSalonen, the little secret darling of all things stylish. Self educated with vintage Halston, his granma’s ball gowns and watching his mama work it through the 80’s in yellow and black polka dot pencil skirts. He knows all the secrets and is often in the mood for sharing. Totally obsessed with all things stylish and self-proclaimed Style Director. His sharp wit and fashion knowledge make a dangerous combination, but deep down (deep deep down) he is just an average gymjunkie with his little fingers in every pie. You can find him on Twitter.

    Being the diva that he is, he is only contributing under (Typical difficult only child)

    Would you like to join our guest blogging team? Click here for to find out how.

  • Jacey Withers AW10 Preview

    As the arrival of our Jacey Withers jewellery collection gets closer, I thought I'd give you a little taster of the AW10 collection.

    Mythology, elements of the supernatural and the magic of the animal kingdom inspire Jacey's unique signature style. For AW10 he was particularly inspired by the the spirit of North American legend and the concept of the hunter and the hunted. In this exciting new range we encounter the elements and experience the call of the wild.

    Jacey Withers Stag Necklace


    For AW10 we will also be stocking some of Jacey's sell out pieces from previous collections including the stunning stingray necklace, fox bracelet and cutlass necklace.

    Jacey Withers’ ethereal jewellery is bold in design with a highly sophisticated use of colourful semi-precious stones. Withers’ unusual work has won him international acclaim, a high profile customer base and features in publications including Vogue, Italian Vogue and Elle.

    Jacey Withers Fox Necklace


  • Lola Rose AW10 Preview

    For AW10 Lola Rose's gems glisten and gleam in a myriad of opulent jewel tones, from Dark Teal, Tomato Red and rich Aubergine to the sophistication of Black Agate, Blue Sandstone and Picasso Jasper.

    Lola Rose Angelica Bracelet in Picasso Jasper


    New styles are inspired by women of exceptional beauty from Grecian goddesses to old style Hollywood sirens. Gorgeous cuffs, star cut hexagons, tiered hearts and cabochon drops are faceted and fashioned into modish necklaces and rings.

    Lola Rose Freda Necklace in New Korea Stone


    The Lola Rose new collection is expected to arrive very soon - we'll have it on the website as soon as it arrives.

    Lola Rose Kimberley Necklace in Aubergine Quartzite


  • Decadent jewellery by Dyrberg/Kern for AW10

    The new AW10 season of Dyrberg/Kern jewellery is now online. Called 'Panorama', the new collection takes a wide angle view from the past into the future. The collection embraces a broad perspective of art, fashion, history and geometry. A modern mix of influences and creative impulses take you beyond time and place.

    Shimmering glass cabochons in amethyst purple and jet black colours are mixed with brilliant cut Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED? crystals for some serious sparkle.

    We're stocking three of the themes from this new collection: Con Amore, Byzantium and The Monogram Collection.

    Con Amore takes a tender look at the heart, a timeless symbol of love. It mixes subtle textures that give a 3D effect. Creating a look that oozes elegance, diamond cut jewellery adds stunning sparkle to heart shaped pendants, bangles and necklaces.? Ruby red is the classic colour of love and appears as brilliant cut Swarovski crystal hearts set into elegant heart shaped earrings and necklaces.

    Con Amore Collection by Dyrberg/Kern


    Byzantium is a decadent collection comprising of a rich mix of colours. Voluptuous oval-shaped stones inspired by the medieval Byzantine mosaics at the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy add a regal look and an array of rich colours.

    Byzantium by Dyrberg/Kern


    The Monogram Collection is a special collector's edition introduced to celebrate Dyrberg/Kern's 25th Anniversary. The collection features a commemorative Dyrberg/Kern Monogram coin with a unique DK motif.? The line comprises of chunky necklaces and heavy charm bracelets in an inspiring array of shapes, lines, colours and curves.

    The Monogram Collection by Dyrberg/Kern


    Dyrberg/Kern jewellery is of superb quality. It is on plated - the best technical plating available, meaning your jewellery will stay looking beautiful for years to come. Gold plating contains an amount of 23ct gold and the silver plating is the highest quality stainless steel which can withstand long wear and tear. Dyrberg Kern jewellery is also anti-allergenic.

  • Introducing Jacey Withers Jewellery

    Jacey Withers

    We'll soon have the AW10 collection arriving from our newest jewellery designer Jacey Withers. Those of you who read my blog post from London Fashion Week back in February will have an idea of what's to come from this talented British designer. Before Jacey's jewellery hits our website I thought it would be good to give you a bit of background on him. We'll also be interviewing Jacey soon, so let us know if there's anything you'd like to ask.

    Jacey’s signature style has been firmly established. It is one which includes elements of the macabre dabbling in folklore, mythology and fairytales but always retaining his feminine aesthetic. It's this innovative approach that has won him the support of a large celebrity fan base including Alison Goldfrapp, Dannii Minogue, Sugababes, Kelis and The Darkness.

    Jacey combines an eclectic mix of materials to create each collection. Sterling silver is the predominant material with the uses of leather, rope and ribbon alongside Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and a variety of stones that provide his jewellery with its distinctive edge. Unique components are designed and cast in keeping with each seasonal theme. Mermaids, were-wolves, puppets and knights in shining armour for example are all familiar in previous collections.

    Jacey's Coveted Fox Bracelet


    Born in Northampton in June 1976 and raised in Devon, Jacey has crafted jewellery pieces since the age of twelve. He completed an Art Foundation at Exeter College of Art and design and went on to Berkshire College to study fashion and accessories. It was here that he realised jewellery was his one true vocation. He released his debut collection in September 2000.

    With collaborations alongside Marcus Luptfer and Levis under his belt, as well as designing this years Fashion Fringe trophy and the addition of a full men’s line to the collection this season it would seem that the Jacey Withers' story is set to continue.

    We can't wait to get a little piece of Jacey on our website too!

  • Sparkly, Pretty things from Butler & Wilson

    What's sparkly, colourful, quirky and collectable? Why, our new Butler & Wilson jewellery of course! Go and feast your eyes on the new collection and tell us what your favourite is.

    Butler and Wilson Jewellery
  • 'The Peacock and the Crow' is now Online

    Just a quick post to let you all know that our new Alex Monroe collection 'The Peacock and the Crow' is now online. Yay!

    The Peacock and the Crow by Alex Monroe

  • A Jewellery Making Video by Alex Monroe

    Well, our 'Peacock and the Crow' collection by Alex Monroe has arrived with us. It's been a while since we saw the collection at London Fashion Week back in February, so it was really exciting to open the parcel and see all the pieces again. They're just as beautiful as we remembered them and the collection will be on the site as soon as we've finished editing the photographs, which will be towards the start of next week.

    Here's a video of Alex making a peacock feather from this collection - it shows you the huge amount of hard work that goes into making each piece:

    And here's a little preview of some of the new pieces, what do you think?

    Alex Monroe Gold Peacock Feather NecklaceAlex Monroe Gold Peacock Feather Earrings
  • An Interview with Fiona Paxton

    With? countless features in the glossies and Kate Moss and Cheryl Cole recently being spotted wearing her jewellery, Fiona Paxton is the lady of the moment. We ask her a few questions about what makes her tick.

    Fiona PaxtonWhat was it that made you become a jewellery designer?

    I had been working as a textile designer for 15 years and I wanted a new challenge. Jewellery was something I wanted to wear and I guess I was designing for myself as I rarely saw jewellery that I wanted to wear.

    How do you get your inspiration?

    I am inspired by materials usually and techniques of making things. I love buying lots of different beads and putting them together. Obviously pattern still plays an important role in the collection and each season I tend to have a story or inspiration that I look at.

    We’re always staggered by your talent with each new season. What’s been your favourite piece so far?

    I actually have a lot of favourites, I guess the pieces I wear are my favourites; the Sylvie is a favourite along with Ginger from this season, the Zetter cuff and the silver Surat.

    What do you predict to be big jewellery trends for AW10?

    Chainmail is going to be popular as it is really easy to wear along with the multichain necklaces but I think big stones will also prove popular for Christmas.

    What’s been your proudest moment?

    In the two short years I have been in business I have had quite a few, so I am lucky. Moving into our new studio was quite a major achievement for me as we had all been working in my loft at home since the beginning.

    Seeing my pieces in Liberty when they opened the new jewellery hall and being shortlisted for the UK fashion export awards are definitely important moments that I will remember.

    Sylvie Necklace in Silver

    My favourite film is also my favourite book.It is "Like Chocolate for Water", a Mexican film. I always weep buckets when I watch it


    Dark chocolate of course.

    Where’s your favourite place in the world?

    On a beautiful sunny summers day I love the Orchard in Grantchester just near Cambridge. It is Rupert Brooks' old house and it is a tea shop in a slightly overgrown orchard. You sit beneath the trees in deckchairs sipping tea and eating scones. When you walk through the trees it comes out in a lovely meadow that leads down to the River Cam where you can have Champagne picnics and watch the punts go by. A perfect dreamy summer day.

    If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?

    I would have to take a sketchbook and pencil as I have to draw or doodle everyday, some chocolate of course and a good book. Sounds great, when can I go?

  • The Peacock and the Crow by Alex Monroe

    Crow Feather NecklaceOur newest Alex Monroe jewellery collection 'The Peacock and the Crow' will be arriving with us in the next few weeks. It's one of Alex's most anticipated collections so far and we've been incredibly excited about it since we saw the collection at London Fashion Week back in February.

    The collection is based on a folk story of how the birds got their colours. Originally, the Peacock and the Crow both had plain white feathers, but moved?by a field of flowers, the Crow painstakingly painted the Peacock in a beautiful palette. When it was?Peacock's?turn, he didn't want to waste any time in showing off his new plumes, so promptly, and rather spitefully poured?a pot of black ink over the Crow.

    Peacock Feather HoopsTaking inspiration from this tale, Alex has essentially created two collections in one, so you can decide whether your look is going to be bold and flamboyant, or a bit more dark and mysterious. The two distinct looks are glamorous gold plated peacock feathers adorned with gorgeous gemstones, or dark ruthenium plated crow feathers that have an almost petrol-like iridescent sheen to them.

    Our favourite has to be the peacock feather hoop earrings with amethyst, apatite and emerald gems (left). They really stood out when we saw them at LFW as they're incredibly elegant and we love the way the gems drape down from the hoops. We also like the introduction of the darker ruthenium plating which adds a new dimension to Alex's work.

    The Alex Monroe Stand at London Fashion Week


  • Preview: Disney Couture's New Little Mermaid Collection

    Very exciting - here's a preview of the new Little Mermaid jewellery collection by Disney Couture that will be with us in August. You can see the full collection that we'll be stocking over on our Facebook page - go have a looksie!

    The new Little Mermaid collection has a beachy feel to it with conch shells, starfish and treasure chests nestling alongside charms of Ariel and her friends. Here are some of our favourites for you to feast your eyes upon:

    This treasure chest necklace opens to reveal a crown and gemstones:

    Disney Couture LIttle Mermaid Treasure Chest Necklace, ?60


    The "Message in a Bottle" necklace has a glass bottle with multi-coloured loose crystals inside and a message that reads "I could be part of your world":

    Disney Couture Little Mermaid "Message in a Bottle Necklace", ?55


    One of our favourites is this cascading shell necklace with multi coloured mother of pearl shell discs:

    Disney Couture Little Mermaid Cascading Shell Necklace, ?115


    There are also lots of lovely bracelets, including this bracelet with a little treasure chest and Flounder charm:

    Disney Couture Little Mermaid Flounder Bracelet, ?55


    How cute is it? Look at the little trinkets! What's your favourite?

  • Fiona Paxton Jewellery Hits Hollywood

    Fiona Paxton: Worn by the likes of Drew Barrymore, Isla Fisher and Lily Allen, the designer’s statement jewellery is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon.

    Fiona Paxton Sylvie Necklace in Bright Gold, new for AW10


    Fiona Paxton’s jewellery has been inspired by years spent travelling around the world. ?It’s got a really modern, ethnic edge and it’s very diverse in terms of styling,’ says fashion stylist Sara Hassan, who worked on Paxton’s spring/summer 2010 promotional campaign. ?It can be worn day or evening so it’s very multifunctional.’

    Paxton, 42, fell into the jewellery world by accident. ?I planned to do a scarf collection but once I started sketching, it turned into a necklace,’ she laughs. The London-based designer grew up in rural Lincolnshire, moved to the city to study at the Royal College of Art and graduated in 1992 with a distinction in textile design. After working in consultancy for Michiko Koshino and then in a New York textile design studio producing prints for Armani, Chlo? and Moschino, she set up her eponymous label in 2008.

    Today, Fiona Paxton prefers to stay at home with her two children, using contacts collected on her travels to help create a stunning range of accessories. Hand-beaded in India, each necklace takes about six hours to make, with leatherwork and metalwork finished off in Britain. Her work has a strong punk aesthetic and is inspired by street style and music. ?I was a bit young to be a punk but it certainly had an influence,’ she says. ?I grew up in the countryside and art college just opened up another world. I think the music, the graphics and designers like Judy Blame and early John Galliano had a huge impact, and that spirit has always stayed with me.’

    In keeping with the rock’n’roll theme, the styling of the spring/summer 2010 photoshoot is edgy yet glamorous. Paxton may have a designer-clad, A-list following but her rebellious attitude offers a fresh take on the trend for super-sized accessories.

    So what’s next? For autumn/winter 2010, Paxton’s trademark beading technique has been given a futuristic feel, with brighter metals and Swarovski crystals lending a dazzling collection extra sparkle. The publicity-shy designer is considering adding chunky cocktail rings to her mainline range of necklaces, earrings and cuffs, while a more delicate collection crafted from precious metals is on the cards. There’s even talk of a return to the original plan, designing printed and beaded scarves. ?I’d like to think I’ll get there in the end,’ adds Paxton. ?It’s taken me a while but this seems like a good time to revisit my scarf idea.’

    No doubt this addition to the range? will be as sought-after as her necklaces. ?Fiona is a real perfectionist and she has such vision for her brand,’ says Hassan. ?She knows what she wants and not only is she creative, she is a true artist too. It’s great to watch someone like this grow in a very difficult industry to crack.’

    Finally, there’s the Cheryl Cole factor. The style icon du jour (pictured in a Paxton bracelet) has borrowed lots of pieces from the spring collection so expect the Fiona Paxton brand to exit the Earth’s atmosphere sometime soon.

    Article taken from Metro article on the 8th April 2010. Words by A. Walsh.

  • Four Sided Constellation by Fiona Paxton

    Geometric patterning is the inspiration for the new collection of Fiona Paxton jewellery arriving in about a month's time.

    Ulrika Necklace with Jean Cuff in Gold


    Fiona Paxton trained at the Royal College of Art and has worked in New York, London and Bangkok designing prints and embroideries for various fashion houses and retailers including Michiko Koshino, Chloe, Armani and Moschino. Whilst working Fiona became more and more inspired by the artisan techniques of the embroidery craftsmen of India. She decided to develop a range of her own designer jewellery pieces that are all hand embroidered using these ancient techniques. Each jewellery piece is a tightly patterned beaded mosaic of glistening strands of silver and gold coloured chains and beads. Intricate beadworks create fluid necklaces that drape flat to the body languid and snake like.

    Holly Necklace in Silver with Shirley Cuff


    This season the geometry has moved into a three dimensional format. Sketchbooks were filled with photos of satellites tracing planets through space, black holes and futuristic utopias of modern living. Diagrammatic, algebraic equations that make sense of the complex natural world around us became inspirational. Exaggerated architectural forms added further inspiration to the new collection.

    Trent Chain Drape Necklace in Silver/Oxidised


    Bright iridescent Swarovski jewels add brighter metal tones add to the futuristic modern feel of the pieces.? Hand beading remains an important part of the collection.? It is a unique fusion of an ancient Eastern beading technique and modern design. Flat beading is wrapped around exaggerated geometric shapes to create multi dimensional jewellery. Cast metal overblown studs in geometric shapes are decorated with faceted jewels which add extra dimensions.? Signature chain fringing and looping remain an important part of the collection. Dark navies and khaki olives create a dramatic backdrop to the mix of golds, silver and the metallic mix of studs, beads, chains and stones.

    Shirley cuff with hand beading and oversized jewels


  • London Fashion Week February 2010

    I was at London Fashion Week yesterday to place orders for our autumn/winter 2010 collections (I still can't get used to writing '2010', maybe I'll be used to it by the end of the year?). It was another typically hectic day that kicked off with my first appointment at Butler & Wilson. I love placing orders with B&W.? Everything is so sparkly and tempting - if I wasn't careful then the magpie in me would be buying everything in the shop. This season they've got some really outstanding items including jewelled goldfish cuffs, graduated crystal earrings and some ornate bridal headdresses. We'll have these items online in the next few months so keep an eye out for them. While I was there I treated myself to a rather sparkly, rather beautiful and rather expensive iPhone can see a photo of it here. I'm feeling a little guilty about buying it now...but it's so pretty and sparkly...

    Inside Butler & Wilson's South Molton St shop


    After my 'shopping spree' in B&W I was in a cab heading over to LFW at Somerset House. Why they continue to use this venue I do not know - it's an impressive venue, but it's terrible to walk around as a buyer, because the designers are hidden away in various nooks and crannies of the building which covers quite a large area. Trying to find them all must have added at least half an hour to my visit which isn't great when you're on a tight schedule. Bring back LFW at the Natural History Museum.? When I'd finally found where to register and woven my way through a few corridors I found the stand for one of our favourite designers Alex Monroe.

    Alex's new collection is entitled "The Peacock and the Crow". This new collection comprises of detailed gold plated peacock feathers with semi precious gems? and stunning Ruthenium plated crow feathers that have an almost iridescent sheen to them (think of the colours you can see in a black magpie feather). We'll have this collection in June - I think I'll be treating myself to one of the feather necklaces when it arrives.

    Alex Monroe's Peacock and the Crow Collection


    Then it was on to the Tatty Devine stand where I placed an order from their autumn/winter collection "The age of the blazing trails". Tatty Devine turn ten this year, and they're taking inspiration from women who set the world alight. Unfortunately I can't share photographs of the new collection with you just yet, but I can tell you to expect pieces comprising of pearls and crystals, pocket watches and some bright colourful pieces too. This collection should be arriving in late August. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page as soon as we can share them with you.

    I then went to see the hugely talented Fiona Paxton who had very kindly managed to grab me a much needed glass of champagne (this job does sometimes have its perks). For AW10, Fiona has created a collection entited "Four-Sided Constellation" with some detailed statement necklaces and cuffs with geometric patterning. My favourite was the drape necklace you can see in the top right of the photo below.

    Fiona Paxton at London Fashion Week


    A new designer that we'll be introducing to the site for autumn is the very lovely Jacey Withers. I've been admiring Jacey's designs from afar for a while now, so I couldn't resist placing an order. I love the new treasure chest locket we'll be stocking - it's a little chest that opens and spills out treasure. There are also some beautifully detailed raccoon pieces too - see the photos below for a sneak preview.

    Jacey Withers


    The Jacey Withers raccoon necklace - look at his tail!


    My final stop at LFW was Lola Rose. The AW10 collection has a beautiful collection of new stones and some fantastic new styles. I loved their new longer beaded necklaces and have ordered some for autumn - expect long necklaces with simple strands of beads, some faceted heart necklaces in a brand new shape and chunky rings.

    New Lola Rose for Autumn


    Lola Rose Rings Galore


    I'd now finished at LFW, but I still had one more appointment at the May Fair Hotel to keep. I was pretty much dead on my feet at this point, having drunk only champagne and water since breakfast (not as glamorous as it sounds when your head is spinning), so it was great to sit down and relax while I ordered some new pieces from two brand new designers Lenora Dame and Kirstin Ash.

    Lenora Dame is an American designer who creates jewellery pieces with combinations of old and new materials, wood, glass, textiles, found objects, lucite, paper and twine. Her eclectic creations have been worn by celebrities including Katie Perry and America Ferrera. Here's a little preview of things to come:

    Lenora Dame Alphabet Bracelet


    If you love all things birdy then you'll love our second new designer Kirstin Ash. Her jewellery is handmade in Sydney, Australia. Antique finishes, quirky animals and playful silhouettes form her signature style. Each collection has a story of its own but draws from a common inspiration of vintage curios, ordinary and obscure objects, children's books and Paris. Again, here's a little taster:

    Kirstin Ash Hummingbird Pendant


    We will keep you updated as to when these two new designers will be arriving, so keep an eye on the blog.

    A little exhausted, I headed back to Euston to catch the 7pm train back to Liverpool. The end of a long but exciting day!

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