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The Olympics, The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. 2012 is the perfect time to celebrate everything British. Here, we've put together a selection of our favourite pieces for you to 'oooh' and 'aaah' at. In our Best of British category you'll find even more beautiful jewellery that's either handcrafted in Britain or British-inspired.

Alex Monroe Little Teapot Necklace with Brown Sapphire, ?124.95


We do like a good cuppa. This necklace with a little brown sapphire tea drop by British designer Alex Monroe is a whimsical nod to this very English tradition.

Cath Kidston 'Be a Good Sport' London Cluster Pendant, ?38.00


Cath Kidston's 'Be a good sport' necklace comes from her London collection. One for the Olympics we think.

Butler and Wilson Large 2012 London Bus Brooch, ?68.00


The iconic London Bus features on this collectable brooch by Butler & Wilson.

Tatty Devine Queen Necklace, ?18.00


Whether you're visiting Buckingham Palace or making an official state visit abroad, this flashy piece of royal family style will add instant ma'am factor. From Tatty Devine.

Alex Monroe 'All the Best' Necklace, ?149.95


This necklace features a little golden crown and a silver luggage tag engraved with 'All the best' - such a British saying. It's from Alex Monroe's 'Best of British' collection.

Butler and Wilson Union Jack Stud Earrings, ?28.00


These domed stud earrings by Butler & Wilson have crystal Union Jacks on them. Sparkly and patriotic all at the same time.

Tatty Devine Gilbert and George Gin Necklace, ?33.00


If you follow @Queen_UK on Twitter you'll know her favourite time of the day is Gin O'clock. This one's for you, Ma'am.

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