• Love letters by Lily and Lotty

    Lily and Lotty

    We know that Valentine's Day was...*checks calendar* five whole days ago. But here at Accessories Online, we believe that love should be celebrated every day of the year - not just February 14th! And it seems as though the designers of one of our newest additions to our collection, Lily and Lotty, feel the same way too. They're the dynamic design duo behind 'love letters,' an?award winning jewellery brand featuring beautiful diamond accented charms. Each charm contains a meaningful message, making it the perfect thing to give a loved one for a special occasion in their life - from graduations, to engagements to Christenings.

    Lily and Lotty Love Letters 'Sealed with a Loving Kiss' Keepsake Pendant

    Each message is simple, yet lovely - just the thing to carry a burst of loveliness with you throughout the day. We particularly love the S.W.A.L.K (Sealed With A Loving Kiss) keepsake pendant,?(?36.95) but this might be because we used to write it on our love notes and pencil cases when we were in high school!

    Lily and Lotty Love Letters 'Love You' Keepsake Pendant


    Best of all, Lily and Lotty is a jewellery brand with a conscience. The diamonds used in all of their pieces are conflict free, coming from suppliers who adhere to the Kimberley Process Policy, an initiative set up to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds (rough diamonds used to finance wars.) ?So you know that the pieces you're buying are ethical as well as beautiful!

    Lily and Lotty Love Letters 'You Complete Me' Keepsake Pendant

    Each keepsake pendant costs ?36.95, and you'll need to buy the sterling silver chain separately (?7.95).?We feel that?Lily and Lotty's Love Letters are an utterly charming addition to our jewellery collection, and we're sure that when you see them, you'll feel the same way too.

  • A Little Video about Dogeared CREATE

    I've just found this great video for Dogeared CREATE on YouTube. Dogeared's CREATE is a collection of words, gems and charms that, together, tell the unique story of your life!

    Dogeared Create Necklace

  • The Journey of a Dogeared Charm

    Our new Dogeared collection for Autumn/Winter 2010 will be arriving with us at the end of August and we're incredibly excited about it. Season upon season, they never fail to impress us with their innovative new designs. We're just waiting for images of the new collection - as soon as we have them we'll share them with you on our Facebook page. All we can tell you in the meantime is that the new pieces are simply AMAZING!

    Have you ever considered the work that goes into creating Dogeared's famous charms?

    Dogeared's charms are designed by hand, then hand cast in recycled sterling silver by local artisans. Every individual charm is one of a kind (that's the beauty of handmade jewellery!), and completely unique to Dogeared.

    1. Dogeared's amazing design team comes up with a concept for a new charm and sketches it out by hand.
    2. The rendering is sent to a model maker in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, where he creates a master model.
    3. The charm comes back to the Dogeared studio for final approval and finishing touches. The quality and craftsmanship of every piece is very important.
    4. The approved master model makes a trip back downtown to be moulded, waxed and cast in recycled sterling silver - all by hand!
    5. The silver charms are ready to go at this point, but the gold ones have to travel a few blocks down the street to be hand dipped in gold.
    6. Then, all the new charms arrive at Dogeared headquarters to be used in beautiful new designs. Only then do they leave California to be shipped around the world to happy customers like us!

    The Journey of a Dogeared Charm

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