Four Sided Constellation by Fiona Paxton

Geometric patterning is the inspiration for the new collection of Fiona Paxton jewellery arriving in about a month's time.

Ulrika Necklace with Jean Cuff in Gold


Fiona Paxton trained at the Royal College of Art and has worked in New York, London and Bangkok designing prints and embroideries for various fashion houses and retailers including Michiko Koshino, Chloe, Armani and Moschino. Whilst working Fiona became more and more inspired by the artisan techniques of the embroidery craftsmen of India. She decided to develop a range of her own designer jewellery pieces that are all hand embroidered using these ancient techniques. Each jewellery piece is a tightly patterned beaded mosaic of glistening strands of silver and gold coloured chains and beads. Intricate beadworks create fluid necklaces that drape flat to the body languid and snake like.

Holly Necklace in Silver with Shirley Cuff


This season the geometry has moved into a three dimensional format. Sketchbooks were filled with photos of satellites tracing planets through space, black holes and futuristic utopias of modern living. Diagrammatic, algebraic equations that make sense of the complex natural world around us became inspirational. Exaggerated architectural forms added further inspiration to the new collection.

Trent Chain Drape Necklace in Silver/Oxidised


Bright iridescent Swarovski jewels add brighter metal tones add to the futuristic modern feel of the pieces.? Hand beading remains an important part of the collection.? It is a unique fusion of an ancient Eastern beading technique and modern design. Flat beading is wrapped around exaggerated geometric shapes to create multi dimensional jewellery. Cast metal overblown studs in geometric shapes are decorated with faceted jewels which add extra dimensions.? Signature chain fringing and looping remain an important part of the collection. Dark navies and khaki olives create a dramatic backdrop to the mix of golds, silver and the metallic mix of studs, beads, chains and stones.

Shirley cuff with hand beading and oversized jewels


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