Fabulous Fossil Jewellery

We are loving our new Fossil jewellery collection and from the response we've had it seems that our customers do too! Made from the highest quality stainless steel, Fossil jewellery is perfect for people with jewellery allergies (it's in fact just a grade away from being surgical stainless steel).

Fossil Jewellery Signature Pattern Bracelet, £49 Fossil Jewellery Signature Pattern Bracelet, £49

The finished quality is excellent - each piece has good quality clasps and fastenings that will last a lifetime. Each piece comes in a collectable vintage inspired Fossil tin making it a perfect gift. A lot of our customers have bought Fossil pieces as heirloom gifts, or to celebrate special landmark birthdays.

Founded back in 1984, Fossil is an iconic American brand inspired by vintage American culture. The jewellery pieces are inspired by this and combine modern design influences to create timeless, classic jewellery pieces.

Fossil Jewellery Vintage Glitz Disc Necklace, £45 Fossil Jewellery Vintage Glitz Disc Necklace, £45

Prices start at just £25 making it affordable for all budgets. You can buy Fossil jewellery online via our website, or pop into our Liverpool based jewellery shop for a closer look!

Fossil Tortoiseshell Bangle, £49 Fossil Tortoiseshell Bangle, £49
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