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  • Spring into Action!

    It's still cold outside, but spring is coming, so it's time to add a splash of colour and spring to your wardrobe.?It is FAR too chilly to think about summer dresses, so a great way to freshen up your winter knits is by adding a splash of colour with your jewellery.

    A coloured winter jumper can be magically transformed into a spring knit with the help of these beautiful?Les Nereides Champetre Butterfly, Ladybird and Daisy Hoop Earrings. They are delicate, colourful and bound to brighten up your wardrobe and your day:

    ln_earchampetre1074 These Joli Mois de Mai Set of 3 Butterfly and Flower Stacking Rings, also by Les Nereides,? are perfect for adding a splash of colour to hands that have been hidden by gloves all winter! All you need is a splash of pink nail polish and you're ready to go!

    ln_ringjolitrio2 This Les Nereides Messagere Swallow and Flowers Necklace is so pretty with its tiny birds and flowers. It layers up beautifully in colder weather with a lace dress and warm cardigan, but also looks adorable in summer with a floral print dress!


    Tell us, how are you adapting your winter wardrobe ready for spring?

    Guest post by Kirsty.

  • Guest Post: Strike a Pose. Modelling for Tatty Devine's SS12 Collection.

    As a fashion obsessed blogger with a love for quirky style, I am always on the look to customise an outfit and put my own spin on it by adding funky and individual accessories to my ensembles. So it’s no surprise I’m a massive fan of London based jewellery company, Tatty Devine. I am always adding their pieces to spruce up an outfit and inject my personality into my clothes, because their quirky designs are absolutely perfect for me, but I never thought I’d end up modelling for them!

    This summer after a Facebook advert on their page and a few emails with their stylist, I was on a train down to London on my way to model their Spring/Summer collection. I arrived at their studio, said hello to everyone and took a look at all the beautiful jewellery I would be modelling. Boy, do you guys have a treat in store for their next collection! The first thing on the agenda was my hair. After twenty minutes or so and with the help of the fabulous hair-dresser, my intricate up-do was done.

    We then had a break for lunch as the guys has been shooting since early and I’d done a lot of travelling. As we had our lunch, who should pop in to visit, but Rosie and Harriet the co-founders of Tatty Devine! It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Rosie and Harriet and I feel really honoured to have actually met the women who design my favourite jewellery.

    After lunch it was time for make-up. The make-up artist, Bea, who did my make-up was a very talented lady indeed and is a regular make-up artist for Tatty Devine. She gave me a Mexican look (bit of a clue for you there...) and I was so impressed with my finished make-up.

    My first outfit was very bright number (again I’m not allowed to give too much away...) and I really loved it. I was slightly nervous before we started to shoot, however everyone me made me feel totally at ease. I felt like a child in a sweet shop being able to try on all the beautiful jewellery - I just wanted to take it all home with me. The Tatty Devine stylist, John, is completely genius and so creative. His ideas for the photographs were so original and innovative.

    After we'd shot some jewellery it was time for another costume change, and a change to my hair-style too. As the shoot progressed, I found myself learning so much and I even picked up a few modelling tricks of the trade. The photographer, Lucia, who was very sweet indeed, really helped me to feel more at ease and she took some absolutely amazing shots.

    Throughout the shoot one of Tatty Devine’s employees, Kara, was on hand to take behind the scenes shots for their blog and close-ups of the jewellery for the website. She was really lovely and just reinforced my idea that everyone who works for Tatty Devine are the nicest people ever.

    After a couple of hours we'd finished shooting the jewellery and it was time to remove my make-up, fix my hair and return back to reality after all the bright and brilliant colours I’d been surrounded by all day.

    Evie as Frida Kahlo

    Everyone congratulated me for doing so well on my first shoot and I was sad to say goodbye to such lovely people who’d made my modelling experience so pleasant for me. It was brilliant to be able to work with so many talented people and they helped me learn so much throughout the shoot.

    I have seen a photograph or two since then and I’m so proud of what everyone has produced. I feel so lucky to have been able to have experienced that. I also heard some exciting news the other day regarding the shoot, which is that Tatty Devine have featured their look book for their SS/12 collection at London Fashion Week. Which means... *drum roll* my modelling shots have been featured at London Fashion Week! My face, in photographic form, has actually beaten me to London Fashion Week. I was ridiculously excited to hear this fabulous news and it has made my first modelling experience even better.

    To any Tatty Devine fans, or to people who are fans of individual jewellery in general, you are all in for a massive treat this spring. The new collection is fun, quirky and beautifully bright, and I just can’t wait till the collection is released now! Can’t it be February already?

    About our guest blogger:

    Hello there, my name is Evie May Clifton! I am obsessed with pretty shiny things, clothes I can't afford, music, fashion from the past, performing and of course blogging. If any of those things sound like something that you'd like to read about then why not check out my blog. Every reader to me is a little fashion diamond, so why not head over to What Evie Wore Next and see if you can't sparkle ;)

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  • Guest Post: Sparkle on an Autumn Day

    As the days get cooler and the nights draw in (can you feel winter on its way?), you’ll be wanting to get those warm coats out of the cupboard.? The black wool fitted coat is a wardrobe staple ? but is it too dull for Autumn when the world turns gorgeous shades of red and orange?

    These flower-shaped brooches by Butler and Wilson at Accessories Online make a really great addition to your coat this season, giving a bit of sparkle to what might otherwise feel like a dull day.

    Butler and Wilson Five Petal Flower Brooch in Grey, ?34



    I love this ? it’s chunky, sparkly, and has that dulled gunmetal shine that will reflect whatever colours you are surrounded with.? Just think ? black coat, thick tights, warm boots, maybe even scarf and gloves, and your gorgeous glistening brooch leading the way as you walk around.


    If grey isn’t your thing there is a fantastic multi-coloured version in autumnal shades, or alternatively a pink crystal or clear crystal version.

    Each chunky flower brooch is 4cm across and encrusted with crystals with a crystal centre, with a bar and swivel clasp.? At just ?34.00 they're a very affordable way to spruce up your outerwear this season. About our Guest Blogger :

    Splodz Blogz is a bit of everything - photos, ramblings, reviews and loads of other stuff on topics such as gadgets and tech, fashion and beauty, food and drink, and anything else Zoe fancies writing about.

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  • Guest Post: Skullduggery from Big Fashionista

    Today we have a guest blog post from Cosmopolitan Blog Award nominated Big Fashionista (vote for her blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards here, under the Sex and Relationships category).

    Take a close look at me (Oh god, not that close)

    What do you see?

    (Actually don’t answer that, my ego is fragile and can’t take a beating at the moment).

    Do you see the Butler & Wilson skull studs nestling in my ears?

    Butler and Wilson Skull Stud Earrings


    Look at my finger, There may be a Disney Couture skull ring manically grinning away,

    Disney Couture Pirates of the Caribbean Skull Ring


    Or maybe a Leandra Holder hand carved skull? bracelet on my wrist. (there isn’t yet, but hopefully Santa will be kind)

    Leandra Holder Hand Carved Skulls Charm Bracelet



    Now obviously I don’t wear all of these at once, ?I like the idea that you can take a quick glance and just see me. But when you take a longer look you can see the skulls which are discreetly placed. (most of the time anyway).

    I adore Skull jewellery. Now I’m no death metal rock chick in leather and lace (sorry for ruining that fantasy) I’m ?just your run of the mill school run mum, (with three tattoos). What I do have is ?a streak of rebellion that I love to indulge through my accessories. I may be wearing jeans, with my hair scraped back in a lazy ponytail but in my ears are Butler & Wilson skulls and watch out as I probably have an attitude to match.

    Skulls can make a fantastic contrast, giving a hard edge to a soft outfit or they can add the finishing touch to an Autumn ensemble.

    Skulls aren’t just for Halloween, they work all year round.

    How do you wear yours?

    Big Fashionista x x

    About our Guest Blogger:

    Big Fashionista is Kellie Hill, a 30-something woman who loves to write. You can follow her on twitter @BigFashionista or read more of her blog here:

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  • Fall Trends - Necklaces

    Guest PostGuest Post by Msalonen

    I have been searching the globe for some amazing sparkles that would be in everyone’s price range. Well, NOT everyone, but most girls at least. We all know I have a slight obsession with Bottega Veneta and Phillippe Audibert. However, these days one just can’t drop couple of K’s on a necklace. So, girl needs to downsize her spending..where does she go? Well, right here at No other place for it. The thing about jewels, you need to make it your own, work it and wear it proud. I am in love with statement pieces, I am all about shoes most days, but seeing a girl on the tube wearing fantastic jewels makes me day.

    Here are my top three necklaces on As we all know, it’s almost the season for turtlenecks. YEAY! There is nothing more amazing than sleeveless turtleneck and a great statement necklace over it. Wear them proud, head up high, hair in a chignon and work it!

    Style Crush #1

    Jackie Brazil, Indiana Jones Chunky Mixed Bead Necklace in Purple

    Jackie Brazil Indiana Jones Chunky Mixed Bead Necklace in Purple, ?64.95


    OMG! Like seriously in love with this piece. Purple is like my biggest colour crush this fall. It’s lovely to wear greys and blacks once the wind hits in. However, you must have something that will make the entire outfit POP! Plus anyone can wear purple! Result!

    Am I right?

    Style Crush #2

    Kenneth Jay Lane Grey Pearl Necklace

    Kenneth Jay Lane Grey Pearl Necklace, ?36.95


    Pearls have a bad rep and I am personally going to take charge and bring them back. KJL has been on my list of desires for ages and very happy to see that there is something little more affordable in their range as well. Just don’t team them up with a pleated skirt and beehive and you will be just fine.

    The shinyish grey pearls against either black or dark fashion heaven right there. BINGO!

    Style Crush #3

    Alex Monroe 22kt Gold Plated Baby Bee Necklace

    Alex Monroe 22k Gold Plated Baby Bee Necklace, ?104.95


    I very nearly fainted as I saw this. Far too cute for my liking. I would wear this. I may have to order one. Is there anything cuter than baby bee? No, I don’t think so. Hmmm. Maybe a piglet, but I rather hang bees off my neck than piglets. OINK!

    About our Guest Blogger:

    The most recent addition to TLLWT, MSalonen, the little secret darling of all things stylish. Self educated with vintage Halston, his granma’s ball gowns and watching his mama work it through the 80’s in yellow and black polka dot pencil skirts. He knows all the secrets and is often in the mood for sharing. Totally obsessed with all things stylish and self-proclaimed Style Director. His sharp wit and fashion knowledge make a dangerous combination, but deep down (deep deep down) he is just an average gymjunkie with his little fingers in every pie. You can find him on Twitter.

    Being the diva that he is, he is only contributing under (Typical difficult only child)

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  • I’ll never be a size 10 or 12? but that’s quite ok with me.

    Guest Postedwina.simone makes jewellery, accessories & homewares & writes.

    Ok, so I’m not a size 10, or even a 12, maybe I’m a 14? sometimes. I even own a pair of skinny jeans that are a size err?. 18. After being, to be fair, quite a bit bigger than I am now, it’s really hard for a girl to know what looks good, feels good & makes you feel amazing.

    Firstly, it’s important to look at your shape, try not to compare yourself to Alexa Chung, Kiera Knighty, or in fact anyone else. (To be fair they’re probably wishing they had curves, more boob, more hips, it’s true? I guarantee it!).

    There is no right or wrong way to wear jewellery, it portrays your individual style, gives you confidence, brightens your day, I love it! Accessories are great fun & open to all. Worn cleverly, they can enhance your favourite parts and even disguise those not so great parts.

    Hot this summer:

    • Tribal & graphic prints
    • Floral Print
    • Khaki, olive & earthy tones
    • Reds, beiges & nude tones
    • Grey, apparently, is the new black for summer 2010

    Some handy tips for clever accessorizing:

    If you’re bigger on the top, try to keep your neckline simple. V necks minimize the chest & shoulders, they also lengthen the neckline. Use chunky bangles to draw the eye down your body & away from your biggest area.

    If you’re smaller on top, use bold & chunky necklaces to draw attention to the neckline & away from the bottom half. Cap & puffed sleeves will balance the top half with the bottom, as will a large neckline, or cowl neck.


    For the fuller figured frame, geometric styles are the most flattering. Long, chandelier, oblong, square or rectangle earrings will add length to a rounded face. I definitely have one of these! Hair piled up high in a chic pony or a messy tousled bun lengthens the neck.

    Les Nereides Carte Postale Eiffel Tower Drop Earrings, ?139.95




    Alex Monroe Black Crow Feather Earrings, ?124.95



    A longer necklace or pendant will elongate a fuller figure, drawing eyes down the body, adding length to the face.

    Alex Monroe Black Crow Feather Necklace, ?129.95


    Cath Kidston Vintage Oval Starburst Locket, ?40


    Disney Couture Silver Knight Necklace, ?20.97 reduced from ?29.95


    As previously mentioned, chunky, detailed necklaces will balance a smaller top with a bigger bottom half & draw the eye to the smaller area.

    Angie Gooderham Tiered Multi Strand Necklace, ?54.95


    Fiona Paxton Geneva Metallic Bib Necklace, ?140


    Jackie Brazil Mixed Rectangle Necklace, ?59.47



    A larger or wider bracelet, cuff or a stack of bangles or bracelets can minimize the hand. They attract attention & guide the eye towards the thinnest part of the arm, the wrist, perfect!

    Angie Gooderham Gold Bangle, ?59.95


    Dyrberg/Kern Soutuz Resin Bangle in Black, ?31.95


    Fiona Paxton Trixy Cuff in Oxidised Silver, ?140



    A thin band or oval set stone will elongate short or thick fingers.

    Dyrberg Kern Purple Oval Glass Cabochon Ring, ?82.95


    Karen Millen Crystal Stack Rings, ?31.50


    Karen Millen Crystal Jewel Ring, ?28.00


    Aim to wear only one piece of chunky, bold jewellery. For example, team a sack of chunky bangles with a long, fine necklace. Or a pair of long, bold chandelier earrings with a simple, plain ring.

    It is said that jewellery must enhance & not clash with your attire, I for one ignore this rule. Bold, clashing colours & textures, exploring what looks good, can make you feel more fabulous on the days you feel great & amazing on the other days that nothing fits right.

    Go on, what’re you waiting for?!

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  • Kenneth Jay Lane Love

    Guest PostHi my name's Emily, and I'm a jewellery - and all-round fashion - obsessive. I have only just started blogging at It's Only The Beginning.. please feel free to take a look!

    One of my favourite designers currently stocked on Accessories Online is Kenneth Jay Lane. At the age of 80, he's still churning out fabulous pieces for celebrities, royals and luckily, for everyday girls just like me. The only downside is that, unlike the former two customers, I need to save up for a teeny bit longer!

    Kenneth Jay Lane Black Teardrop Ring, ?109.95


    Two of my favourite pieces I have my beady eyes on are the Kenneth Jay Lane Black Cabochon Teardrop Cocktail Ring and the Kenneth Jay Lane Animal Print Cuff. Pieces such as these would go with absolutely any outfit, and therefore make an essential investment to any jewellery and wardrobe collection. Both are absolutely stunning pieces without being overly extravagant, and I know that once I can afford them I won't think twice about adding them to my bag and burning a hole in my purse - in the words of Mr. Lane himself, "elegance, good taste and luxury never go out of style".

    Kenneth Jay Lane Animal Print Cuff, ?99.95


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  • Accessories - What's your Style Profile?

    Guest PostWhatever your personal style, or what you have to wear on a day-to-day basis, one of the best ways to express who you are is through your accessories. There are so many diverse looks to experiment with within the realm of accessories that the possibilities can be endless no matter what you wear. Below are just a few of the different styles that can be spotted today.


    Kooky girls are always on the lookout for the weird and wonderful in accessories: unexpected objects as pendants, piles of mismatching bracelets, charms and strange shapes and materials. Sometimes it's about pieces that have other meanings, jewellery that can represent part of their personality or an individual interest. And sometimes it's just about finding something gorgeous to wear that bucks a trend or differs from the norm.

    Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Button Charm Necklace, ?42.95


    Kooky girls will love : Disney Couture, Lenora Dame, Tatty Devine


    Classic girls have a chic, neat sense of style that works anytime and anywhere. Decoration is kept to a minimum - no stacked chains or jangling bracelets need apply - but with a level of taste that is timeless and undeniable. The classic ideal is to invest in beautiful accessories that will last a lifetime; special pieces in precious metals that can be passed down the generations and will never go out of style.

    Alex Monroe 22kt Gold Plated Baby Twig Horseshoe Necklace, ?84.95


    Classic girls will love: Alex Monroe, Dyrberg Kern, Catherine Weitzman


    Vintage girls have one eye on the past and the other on the fashion scene. Taking inspiration from decades gone before, they combine thrift finds and family heirlooms with looks which are constantly being recreated for the current season. From 1940s florals to the retro glam of the 50s and 60s, vintage lovers will always have a look to suit their favourite era at the same time as keeping up to date with modern trends.

    Kirstin Ash Blue Birdie Bow Necklace, ?69.95


    Vintage girls will love: Cath Kidston, Kirstin Ash, Lulu Guinness


    Glamorous girls love to rock the Hollywood red-carpet look of high-end bling. Nothing can have too much sparkle and Glamorous girls have the ability to dress up any outfit instantly with gorgeous twinkly and colourful accessories. Chandelier earrings and crystals galore are essentials in the glamorous jewellery box, to make sure an outfit is never less than completely fabulous.

    Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal Feather Cuff in Gunmetal, ?360


    Glamorous girls will love: Kenneth Jay Lane, Butler and Wilson, Karen Millen


    Statement girls love to let their jewellery to speak for itself and will always use their accessories as the main focus of an outfit. Big shapes, tribal influences and high colour are the order of the day and the look carries seamlessly through from day to night. Statement girls know that bold accessories will always be the quickest and most effective way to update any outfit.

    Fiona Paxton Surat Jewelled Necklace in Silver, ?175


    Statement girls will love: Fiona Paxton, Angie Gooderham, Lola Rose

    So what's your accessories style? Do you stick with one look or like to mix and match?

    About our Guest Blogger:

    Soph K is a fashion addict and blogger who loves to write, tweet and read about fashion. Please check out my new blog at and follow me on Twitter @gotnothing2wear. Would love to see comments and feedback!

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  • Fabulous Statement Rings

    Guest PostSo you’ve spent ages getting ready, you’ve got your outfit on, you look?okay, but there’s something not quite right. Something is missing. Then you reach for that statement ring. Your outfit changes. You no longer look ?alright? - you look fantastic and set apart from the crowd. BAM your outfit is suddenly perfect.

    Ahhh. The power of fantastic jewellery.

    Hello lovers of all things glitzy, glamorous and gorgeous, I’m Poppy from Sunderland and today I want to talk to you lovely peeps about my favourite accessory, (If you hadn’t guessed from that OTT introduction above!) - the ring.

    But how rude of me just to waffle on about rings I’m fancying and you don’t know anything about me! As I said above, my name’s Poppy and I live over at Bears and Bunting, my little corner of the web. I study Fine Art at Sunderland Uni and spend an unholy amount of my time baking and gaming, on account of me being a giant nerd.

    Anyway, that’s enough about me, let’s talk about the main attraction.

    Statement rings are massive news right now, and I literally can’t get enough of them. Though if I’m honest, I love most rings. Big rings, bold rings, dainty rings, sparkly rings, double fingered, even triple fingered rings! I’m all over that scene.

    So for your viewing pleasure, I’ve picked out some of the rings I’ve been coveting from the selection here at Accessories Online. Enjoy!

    Les Nereides Circus Tent Ring


    Can’t you just imagine there’s a tiny little acrobatics show going on in there? And I love the tassle on top of the tent. It gives it a really fun, playful twist that I love.

    Ted Baker Two Tone Ruffle Bow Ring


    I’ve always said that I either wear gold or silver jewellery and never the two shall meet on the same occasion. However, this is one ring that I’m happy to break that rule for. The combination of both colours just works so well and somehow makes the bow look both dainty and strikingly bold.

    N2 Rue du Macaron Ring


    And finally, I couldn’t not talk about this ring. Look how realistic it looks! I could just pick it up and eat it. I have such a sweet tooth it’s ridiculous, so it’s no surprise that I’d like this ring. Seriously, if I didn’t have to pay Uni tuition fees and keep a landlord in business, all my money would go on sweeties and baked treats, believe me.

    So what do you guys think of my picks? What are you lusting after? Leave a comment below or if you decide to mosey on over to my little home on the web, drop me a line and let me know what you crave from Accessories Online. I love to know other peoples opinions and I always love hearing from new readers!

    I hope you liked the post and thanks for reading, peeps!

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  • Why I Love Accessories

    Guest Post

    Guest Post by Kellie Hill - Big Fashionista

    It’s simple really. I have never bought a piece of jewellery I have wanted and possibly even saved up for (Who am I kidding, put on credit card) and then had to exchange it for a bigger size.

    Yesterday, Today and Forever necklace by Dogeared


    Never has a necklace made my bum look fat, a pair of earrings made my thighs look chunky or a bracelet added ten pounds.

    Accessories are a lifesaver for curvy unconfident girls. We put on clothes, look in the mirror and BANG, out come our insecurities. ?This outfit doesn’t look right?, ?I look like I’ve swallowed a baby hippo? (This isn’t just me, right?).

    But when you have to hand a beautiful piece of jewellery to add to the outfit, be it something dainty and feminine, or sparkly and eye-catching. It instantly helps you to feel good about yourself.

    Woman of all shapes and sizes cherish their jewellery and accessories, it has gone on for centuries. For women, they tell a story. Ask a woman what her favourite piece of jewellery is and there will always be a back story to it. An engagement ring, a necklace purchased to commemorate the birth of a child, a key ring to hold a first ever car key. The list can be endless but I promise you, there is always an emotional story connected to a favourite piece. Take a look in your jewellery box and pick up your favourite. You can almost feel the emotions that it symbolises.

    That is why I love accessories. They help our confidence, they lift us when we feel down.

    And one size fits all.

    I’d love to hear the story behind your favourite accessory. Please leave a comment and let me know.

    Big Fashionista

    About our Guest Blogger:

    Big Fashionista is Kellie Hill, a 30-something women who loves to write. You can follow her on twitter @BigFashionista or read more of her blog here:

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  • Who doesn’t love fairies?

    Guest PostGuest Post by Shantal Martin

    ?I am like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live? Rachel Berry - Glee

    I think Rachel was on to something; or perhaps it’s just the fact that the Disney Couture Limited Tinkerbell Fairy Charm Necklace is exceptionally well crafted and beautiful in its own right? Maybe it helps that when you wear this piece of jewellery the charms make the sound of little bouts of applause with any sort of movement. In the tale of Peter Pan, there was always that little fairy, Tinkerbell was her name. She was stubborn, jealous and protective. She personified all the traits that each and every one of us experience at one time or the other. She was more than likely the most relatable character Disney has ever thought of; making her such a huge marketing tool not to mention she is a fairy. Who doesn’t love fairies?

    The charms on this necklace are the pan pipes that were played by Peter. These pipes brought musical harmonies and happiness, there is obviously the charm for Tinkerbell and a charm of a slipper. These 3 charms represent much of the story. This story that has instilled joy into the hearts of many, young and old.

    This charm necklace would be perfect for younger persons or persons young at heart.



    About our Guest Blogger:

    My name is Shantal Martin. I am 16 years of age and I am from the beautiful island of Barbados. My passions include music, dancing and journalism. My dream to become the Editor-in-Chief at Teen Vogue magazine.

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  • Jewellery with a Sweet Tooth

    Guest PostGuest post by Lucy Vanilla.

    Anyone who knows me knows that I love baking. I am more than happy to spend hours on end in my tiny little kitchen pouring over some new recipe I've just found and had to try out straight away. I could blame my Mother for this obsession (she had me reciting the methods and measurements for Victoria Sponge at the age of three), but I think recently it is more to do with pairing it with my love for blogging. I am the resident blogger behind the Ollie & Nic blog, spending at least three or four hours of my working week writing about handbags which has somewhat ignited a passion in me for all things visually delectable. I started up the Lucy Vanilla blog a few weeks ago as a more personal outpouring for some of these desirables, including my home-made sweet treats (so I could capture them before they meet their destiny with a hungry mouth!) and everything else alongside.

    Tatty Devine Ice Cream Sundae Brooch, ?33


    My love for baking seems to be slowly creeping into other areas of my life too. I've been bitten by the cupcake bug not only in my kitchen, but in my wardrobe too. For me, there's nothing more coveted than a cute piece of jewellery that makes everyone coo and ask "where did you get that?!" - which is exactly what happened when I wore my new Tatty Devine Ice Cream Sundae brooch to work last week. It has the perfect combination of brightening up an otherwise-boring blazer lapel and looking good enough to eat at the same time (part of me wishes I had bought the Ice Lolly as they are slightly more forgiveable to eat on a regular basis).

    Lenora Dame Blue Vintage Gingham Decoupage Bangle, ?29.95


    It doesn't stop there. I am now yearning after this Lenora Dame Bangle to add to the collection. The Gingham reminds me of tea parties and it will look fabulous with a cotton summer dress at a picnic - although in my head I know I'm more likely to be eating an M&S sandwich out of carrier bag whilst shooing away pigeons in Victoria Park than attending a glamorous picnic!

    Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Stacked Teacups Ring, ?26.95


    Last on my wish list is this quirky ring by Disney Couture. I recently purchased the keyhole earrings from the same collection which I love so, of course, I need something else to match them to. The teacup stack ring rather resembles my teacup cupboard (yes, I have one of those) and it gives me a lovely nostalgic feeling of ladies 'what lunch'. The only thing is, if I get this, that will start a whole new ball rolling on teacup themed accessories? and with all my money spent on cake ingredients, that's another obsession I can't afford!

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  • N2 Jewellery - Magical Charm from Paris

    Guest Post

    Guest post by Jade from

    The new N2 jewellery collection is coming through at and, dare I say it, for me it has more magical charm than the now super popular Disney Couture - gasp!!

    The naughty younger sibling of Les Nereides specialises in statement pieces which are huge this season in themselves?(literally!), and N2 is as playful as costume jewellery gets without getting anywhere close to tacky. Each season brings with it a fresh look at our favourite childhood fairytales and dreams but with a twist of modernity,?think what it means to be a girl in general.?N2 has?been one of my favourite brands for a while now, so I?am really excited to see?a new season?coming through?again?at one of my favourite local stockists, Accessories Online!

    N2 have?had us dangling Alice from our ears, had the Big Bad Wolf?chasing?a certain Miss Riding Hood around our wrists,?and draping the Arabian Nights across our necks. This season we are being tempted into the gingerbread house and hopefully whisked off to the chic city of Paris - N2 really knows how to help a girl escape! Statement jewellery can turn heads even when you're wearing the plainest outfit. I'm a big believer in investing in?timeless, edgy?jewellery and accessories, than actual clothes that can date and wear with age.

    My fave new piece on the AO webby so far is probably the Un Petit Coin Perdu Gingerbread House Necklace, and at just ?36.95 for so much detail,?it looks a lot more expensive than it is.

    N2 Un Petit Coin Perdu Gingerbread House Necklace, ?36.95


    Oh and forget Thomas Sabo and Pandora, in my opinion, N2 are the real charm masters. As a kid I remember playing with my auntie's charm bracelet, it was old gold?and heavy but full of cool things to look at. Not tiny beads or delicate pieces but really meaningful, individual and fun charms that you could play with and look at for hours.?N2 charm bracelets are so inviting, whimsical and just amazing to look at and touch. An amazing example is the Un Petit Coin Perdu Hansel and Gretel Charm Bracelet, again at ?36.95, you will find yourself staring at this cutie for a long time after you first try it on, there's so much to see, my fave feature being the tiny little diamante studded into the blue candy!

    N2 Un Petit Coin Perdu Hansel and Gretel Charm Bracelet, ?36.95


    Luckily for us, Accessories Online have even more new pieces to come, the upcoming Paris pieces will be perfect for summer. Featuring beautiful French street scenes set in gold, the range will appeal to more than just a hardcore?N2 fan like me. I defy you not to gasp in delight at earrings housing?a tiny couple in a romantic clinch under the Eiffel Tower, or smile at?the intricate cafe scene hung from a?necklace.?They're just so adorable, imagine wearing with a nautical striped top, denim shorts and flats, keep the outfit simple but let?your jewellery shine!

    I love quirky jewellery that makes you look at it and nothing ticks all the boxes for me like N2, it's bright and showy but still chic,?and?here at The Style Rawr, we?<3 it, and we love Accessories Online for stocking it!

    J x

    About our Guest Blogger:

    The Style Rawr ( written by?Jade?& Tara, and is?a new UK based style blog?at just over a month old now. We constantly follow and talk?about fashion and style,?so one day we decided to blog it.?We believe it's all about the confidence, are certain we're destined for something more glamorous than our day jobs?and love discovering new things that are a-happening in the?fashion, beauty and style world. Follow us on Twitter too as @TheStyleRawr. Cheeee-arrrrrrs!

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  • Summer Daydreaming

    Guest Post

    Guest Post By Shantal Martin.

    It is summertime. Time for parties, bright patterns and flowers. Summer to many is the best season. Where I am from we don’t have seasons and our summers fall into the hurricane season. So I am currently writtng this blog on the gloomiest of days.

    Leandra Holder Summer Daydreaming Bracelet, ?75


    The Leandra Holder Luxe Summer Daydreaming Charm Bracelet is the perfect summer 'must have' because of its bright colours and vintage appeal.? This bracelet can take you from day to night with great flair. We all know the current trends for jewellery are chunky - chunky necklaces, bracelets, brooches and hair pieces. Another big trend for the season are flowers and vintage. Leandra combines all of these trends to create unique and crazily gorgeous pieces.

    This chunky bracelet would brighten up any outfit. I fully recommend this bracelet to all the girly girl,? or those who want a signature look for summer

    About our Guest Blogger:

    My name is Shantal Martin. I am 16 years of age and I am from the beautiful island of Barbados. My passions include music, dancing and journalism. My dream to become the Editor-in-Chief at Teen Vogue magazine.

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