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  • Dogeared Jewels & Gifts AW11 Season Preview

    As part of its year-long 20th birthday celebration, Dogeared presents their autumn/winter 2011 line with new fashion collections.

    Flea and antique markets in Italy - the arts and crafts of Bhutan - vintage stores in New York City - and the Farmers Markets, beaches, and landscapes of Southern California ? all inspired the original jewellery created for Dogeared’s new limited edition collection. The colours and textures of nature, the techniques and materials of artisans around the world, and the importance of adornment in all cultures inspired the creative vision behind this collection.

    Dogeared 'Balance' Pin with Om Charm


    Founder and designer Marcia Maizel-Clarke returned from a recent trip to Florence, Italy with gorgeous, gilded, embossed, and painted antique trays she found at a flea market. The colours, textures, and designs of these trays led to collecting richly coloured gems that were available only in very limited quantities. These, in turn, became the new Limited Edition Jewels Collection. Large gems, including Carnelian, Labradorite, Grey Onyx, and Cape Amethyst, and small gems and gold-dipped beads are wrapped and hang on long leather ties. Each is handmade to order by Dogeared designers and is one-of-a-kind. Very limited quantities of each style are available this season only.

    Dogeared Limited Edition Collection


    The Dogeared Modern Vintage Collection is all about updated classics. Designs have vintage, heirloom feel, but with thoroughly modern overtones. Warm gold combined with gemstones and new custom designed, hand-cast charms together create distinctive jewellery. New charms include a Clover Disc and Amulet, and are layered with gemstones.

    Modern Vintage Clover Disc Pendant with Turquoise Gem


    Dogeared designers have incorporated new gemstones, metals, textures, and settings as they revise and reinvent classic styles, including Karma, Healing Gems, and word jewellery.

    Karma: the new limited edition Good Karma necklace celebrates Dogeared’s 20th birthday and benefits their non-profit partners through the Karma In Action program of giving. A new Karma Sign necklace features the word ?Karma? in custom-designed lettering cut through a sterling silver or gold-dipped rectangular plaque. The Karma circle, the simple and powerful word Karma, and the concept that, ?what goes around, comes around,? continue to inspire beautiful jewellery new designs.

    Dogeared Karma Plaque Necklace


    Healing Gems: Beautiful coloured gemstones have been used in healing and spiritual rituals for centuries. Onyx, turquoise, carnelian, and numerous colours of quartz have long been offered in a variety of best-selling Healing Gem styles. This season, new Teardrop Healing Gems are available as necklaces and earrings. Artisans hammer each stone into a setting by hand, creating a look and a texture that could never be achieved by machine. Floating Healing Gems feature round, faceted gemstones that are hand-wired onto a hand-cast mount. Both styles are presented on custom cards, featuring original artwork along with descriptions of the unique healing traditions of each of the eight gemstones.

    The New Healing Gem Collection


    3 Wishes: New this season is 3 Wishes, a necklace that features an encased teardrop gem, word plaque, and charm on a chain. Five styles communicate five concepts created by the charm-word-gem combinations. For example, a message of ?Luck? is created by a green quartz teardrop gem with an elephant and Lucky number 7 charms.

    Three Wishes Cluster Necklace


    As Dogeared continues to explore new materials and techniques, it remains committed to decreasing its environmental footprint. All sterling charms are 100% recycled silver, and catalogues, cards, and packaging are printed on mixed sources, The company works with suppliers and casters who share their environmental commitment, and all the jewellery and gifts are handmade in Dogeared’s Southern California studios.

    Our Dogeared AW11 collection arrives in September.

  • The New Spring Collection from Dogeared Jewels and Gifts

    Dogeared's newest collection of jewels for Spring 2011 had just arrived with us fresh from L.A.?This season it is all about colour, texture, gems, and impact. New styles and new designs feature multiple designs, interpretations, and variations in a wide range of price points. The jewellery is true to the spirit of spring? easy to wear, not too complicated, just handmade and beautiful.

    Here's the low down on what's new:

    Mantra - New last season, Mantra is the modern interpretation of the word jewellery that Dogeared made famous. Quickly becoming a best seller, new words and shapes that empower, inspire, and connect are introduced this season.

    Dogeared 'Lucky' Mantra Word Necklace in Silver, ?49.95


    Life’s a Beach - A new collection of ocean-inspired charms with organic and flowing shapes, born on the beaches of California ? just like Dogeared.

    Life's a Beach Necklace with Sea Star in Gold Dipped, ?79.95


    Karma - Dogeared’s most popular line continues to expand with the addition of new oval Karma necklaces, Karma rings, and new necklace and bracelet styles on leather. The Karma circle, and the concept that, ?what goes around, comes around,? continue to inspire beautiful new designs? For jewels that are simple, effortless, sophisticated, and totally at home with the rest of the best selling Karma collection.

    Set of Three Mixed Metal Karma Rings, ?46.95


    New Beginnings - A new collection designed in the happy, hopeful spirit of spring. A beautiful celebration of the magic in new adventures.

    New Beginnings Necklace with Honey Bee in Silver, ?39.95


    Wishes: The Wishes collection is another Dogeared classic that grows each season. The Three Wishes collections have added gems in carnelian and blue onyx.

    Three Wishes Necklace with Carnelian Gems in Gold Dipped, ?46.95


    There's also some good news for the environment. As collections expand, Dogeared continues to decrease its environmental footprint. Catalogues, cards, and packaging are printed on mixed sources, and sterling charms are 100% recycled silver. The company works with suppliers and casters who share their environmental commitment, and all the jewellery and gifts are handmade in Dogeared’s Southern California studios.

  • An Interview with Marcia Maizel-Clarke, Founder of Dogeared

    Dogeared is one of our favourite brands! We've been selling Dogeared jewellery for over 5 years and it's become a firm favourite with our customers too. The company was founded back in 1991 out of Marcia Maizel-Clarke's wish to create jewellery that makes a happy and positive statement. We caught up with Marcia, owner and founder of Dogeared, to ask her a few questions....

    What’s the story of Dogeared ? how did you come up with the name and how did it all start? What was it that inspired you to become a jewellery designer?

    marcia_dogearedI picked the name Dogeared out of the thesaurus. I’m serious! It was 1991, and I had started selling my jewellery at the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena- and eventually a big department store wanted to start carrying it. So I realized? we needed a name! My best friend and I got out the thesaurus- opening random pages and saying words out loud to see how they sounded. Dogeared sounded different, and I liked it. Over the years the name has begun to fit more and more? When you dogear a page, it’s because you want to remember. Dogeared jewellery is the same way. It’s something that speaks to you, that you choose, and everyone chooses for different reasons.

    Designing jewellery evolved for me out of a desire to create something meaningful and share it. I like to make things with my hands- I believe the thought and intention I put into something stays within it. That’s why everything is handmade in our California studio. I love the process- designing the castings that become our charms, watching jewels come together with words and turn into a Dogeared piece. It means a lot to me that so many people appreciate that and want to be a part of it.

    What’s your all-time favourite piece of Dogeared jewellery and why?

    not_to_worry_beadsThat’s so hard! I’ve had so many favourites? Some of our limited editions styles have been my favourites, like the collectors hearts we design for One Voice. I think those are really special. I don’t just design for myself, there are a lot of creative points of view that go into Dogeared jewellery. Right now I’m really happy with our 100 Good Wishes line of necklaces, cuffs, and bracelets. And I wear my Not to Worry Beads stretchy bracelets practically every day!

    But if I had to choose one thing, it would be our original Karma necklace. It’s so simple in aesthetic and meaning? Anyone can connect with it. It’s a great daily reminder to be mindful of our actions and the energy we put out into the world.

    Who is a typical Dogeared customer?

    She’s a lot of things? She is young, or young at heart. She’s a daughter, a sister and a friend- she might be a Mom. She is happy, vibrant, and conscious. She cares deeply about the planet and the people in it? Her insight and awareness inform her jewellery choices. She experiments with different looks and has her own unique style. She is creative, she finds beauty in everything, and she is a free spirit. She lives by the motto, ?live, love, laugh.?

    Are there any exciting developments for Dogeared that you can tell us about?

    sex_and_the_city_jewelleryHow much time do you have? We have so much going on at Dogeared right now... We recently dove into the world of licensing- creating a line for Sex and the City. That’s something new for us? And it’s an authentic alignment with who Dogeared is, which is so important. That was a lot of fun to design.

    We also just launched Dogeared Bridal, a whole line of wedding jewels and gifts. The collection is really beautiful, with pearls, diamonds, new designs, and words that celebrate friends, family, and love? Dogeared has already been a part of so many weddings, it seemed natural to develop a line focused on brides, bridesmaids, flower girls? And capture the experience of being a bride or being part of a wedding. I’m so happy with the results? We created something beautiful for every member of the wedding party.

    And now that we’re done with those, we’re designing our August 2010 Dogeared collection!

    What’s been your proudest moment?

    I’ve had so many? My proudest personal moment was becoming a mother. But I’m proud everyday for a lot of reasons! I see my kids growing up and becoming amazing people. I see my team at Dogeared working together, creating, producing, promoting, selling; and giving life to Dogeared.

    I’m proud when I see Dogeared making a positive impact on individuals. That’s what I feel our purpose is. People write me letters about wishes coming true, or important moments and milestones in their lives being connected to their Dogeared jewellery. Sharing our good fortune with the community makes me very proud. One Voice is a non-profit group I’ve been working with since before Dogeared was born, and we donate a lot of time and money to them. They help local families living in poverty, and seeing the difference they make in people’s lives is truly inspiring. It makes me incredibly proud to know that Dogeared is part of that. I am more grateful and proud of who Dogeared is every day?

    What’s your favourite film?

    Breakfast at Tiffany'sIt’s impossible to pick a favourite film! I love, love, love the movies? And the popcorn! I like different films for different reasons. But one of my top ten is definitely Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It doesn’t really get any more iconic than that. It’s a classic that so many women love? A simple love story with intriguing characters, great style, and fabulous jewellery!

    What's your favourite food?

    Arugula! You call it rocket in the UK. I put in on everything. It’s so peppery and vibrant? I think everything tastes better with a giant pile of arugula on top of it. And if I’m feeling particularly inspired, I’ll get a huge bag of it at the farmer’s market and make arugula and walnut pesto. Then I’ll put that on everything I eat for a few days!

    Where’s your favourite place in the world?

    That’s easy. California! I’ve lived here most of my life? And I would never want to live anywhere else. I’ve travelled quite a bit and I love other places, too; but I’ve never felt as connected as I do here. There’s so much to experience and so much natural beauty? Seeing the ocean every day is a reason to smile and a reminder to be grateful. And the history and diversity of the people living here makes California life truly unique. There’s an air of acceptance and freedom that I don’t think everyone gets to experience. We can be who we are in California? I love that!

    If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?

    If I could choose any three things in the world, of course I would bring my husband, my son, and my daughter. But if it could only be objects, I would choose lavender essential oil (it heals everything!), a really good book, and something to send a distress signal so I could be rescued and go home! Maybe a small satellite?

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