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Guest PostHi my name's Emily, and I'm a jewellery - and all-round fashion - obsessive. I have only just started blogging at It's Only The Beginning.. please feel free to take a look!

One of my favourite designers currently stocked on Accessories Online is Kenneth Jay Lane. At the age of 80, he's still churning out fabulous pieces for celebrities, royals and luckily, for everyday girls just like me. The only downside is that, unlike the former two customers, I need to save up for a teeny bit longer!

Kenneth Jay Lane Black Teardrop Ring, ?109.95


Two of my favourite pieces I have my beady eyes on are the Kenneth Jay Lane Black Cabochon Teardrop Cocktail Ring and the Kenneth Jay Lane Animal Print Cuff. Pieces such as these would go with absolutely any outfit, and therefore make an essential investment to any jewellery and wardrobe collection. Both are absolutely stunning pieces without being overly extravagant, and I know that once I can afford them I won't think twice about adding them to my bag and burning a hole in my purse - in the words of Mr. Lane himself, "elegance, good taste and luxury never go out of style".

Kenneth Jay Lane Animal Print Cuff, ?99.95


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