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  • Accessories - What's your Style Profile?

    Guest PostWhatever your personal style, or what you have to wear on a day-to-day basis, one of the best ways to express who you are is through your accessories. There are so many diverse looks to experiment with within the realm of accessories that the possibilities can be endless no matter what you wear. Below are just a few of the different styles that can be spotted today.


    Kooky girls are always on the lookout for the weird and wonderful in accessories: unexpected objects as pendants, piles of mismatching bracelets, charms and strange shapes and materials. Sometimes it's about pieces that have other meanings, jewellery that can represent part of their personality or an individual interest. And sometimes it's just about finding something gorgeous to wear that bucks a trend or differs from the norm.

    Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Button Charm Necklace, ?42.95


    Kooky girls will love : Disney Couture, Lenora Dame, Tatty Devine


    Classic girls have a chic, neat sense of style that works anytime and anywhere. Decoration is kept to a minimum - no stacked chains or jangling bracelets need apply - but with a level of taste that is timeless and undeniable. The classic ideal is to invest in beautiful accessories that will last a lifetime; special pieces in precious metals that can be passed down the generations and will never go out of style.

    Alex Monroe 22kt Gold Plated Baby Twig Horseshoe Necklace, ?84.95


    Classic girls will love: Alex Monroe, Dyrberg Kern, Catherine Weitzman


    Vintage girls have one eye on the past and the other on the fashion scene. Taking inspiration from decades gone before, they combine thrift finds and family heirlooms with looks which are constantly being recreated for the current season. From 1940s florals to the retro glam of the 50s and 60s, vintage lovers will always have a look to suit their favourite era at the same time as keeping up to date with modern trends.

    Kirstin Ash Blue Birdie Bow Necklace, ?69.95


    Vintage girls will love: Cath Kidston, Kirstin Ash, Lulu Guinness


    Glamorous girls love to rock the Hollywood red-carpet look of high-end bling. Nothing can have too much sparkle and Glamorous girls have the ability to dress up any outfit instantly with gorgeous twinkly and colourful accessories. Chandelier earrings and crystals galore are essentials in the glamorous jewellery box, to make sure an outfit is never less than completely fabulous.

    Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal Feather Cuff in Gunmetal, ?360


    Glamorous girls will love: Kenneth Jay Lane, Butler and Wilson, Karen Millen


    Statement girls love to let their jewellery to speak for itself and will always use their accessories as the main focus of an outfit. Big shapes, tribal influences and high colour are the order of the day and the look carries seamlessly through from day to night. Statement girls know that bold accessories will always be the quickest and most effective way to update any outfit.

    Fiona Paxton Surat Jewelled Necklace in Silver, ?175


    Statement girls will love: Fiona Paxton, Angie Gooderham, Lola Rose

    So what's your accessories style? Do you stick with one look or like to mix and match?

    About our Guest Blogger:

    Soph K is a fashion addict and blogger who loves to write, tweet and read about fashion. Please check out my new blog at http://ivegotnothingtowear.blogspot.com and follow me on Twitter @gotnothing2wear. Would love to see comments and feedback!

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  • Jewellery with a Sweet Tooth

    Guest PostGuest post by Lucy Vanilla.

    Anyone who knows me knows that I love baking. I am more than happy to spend hours on end in my tiny little kitchen pouring over some new recipe I've just found and had to try out straight away. I could blame my Mother for this obsession (she had me reciting the methods and measurements for Victoria Sponge at the age of three), but I think recently it is more to do with pairing it with my love for blogging. I am the resident blogger behind the Ollie & Nic blog, spending at least three or four hours of my working week writing about handbags which has somewhat ignited a passion in me for all things visually delectable. I started up the Lucy Vanilla blog a few weeks ago as a more personal outpouring for some of these desirables, including my home-made sweet treats (so I could capture them before they meet their destiny with a hungry mouth!) and everything else alongside.

    Tatty Devine Ice Cream Sundae Brooch, ?33


    My love for baking seems to be slowly creeping into other areas of my life too. I've been bitten by the cupcake bug not only in my kitchen, but in my wardrobe too. For me, there's nothing more coveted than a cute piece of jewellery that makes everyone coo and ask "where did you get that?!" - which is exactly what happened when I wore my new Tatty Devine Ice Cream Sundae brooch to work last week. It has the perfect combination of brightening up an otherwise-boring blazer lapel and looking good enough to eat at the same time (part of me wishes I had bought the Ice Lolly as they are slightly more forgiveable to eat on a regular basis).

    Lenora Dame Blue Vintage Gingham Decoupage Bangle, ?29.95


    It doesn't stop there. I am now yearning after this Lenora Dame Bangle to add to the collection. The Gingham reminds me of tea parties and it will look fabulous with a cotton summer dress at a picnic - although in my head I know I'm more likely to be eating an M&S sandwich out of carrier bag whilst shooing away pigeons in Victoria Park than attending a glamorous picnic!

    Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Stacked Teacups Ring, ?26.95


    Last on my wish list is this quirky ring by Disney Couture. I recently purchased the keyhole earrings from the same collection which I love so, of course, I need something else to match them to. The teacup stack ring rather resembles my teacup cupboard (yes, I have one of those) and it gives me a lovely nostalgic feeling of ladies 'what lunch'. The only thing is, if I get this, that will start a whole new ball rolling on teacup themed accessories? and with all my money spent on cake ingredients, that's another obsession I can't afford!

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  • New Designer: Lenora Dame

    Firstly, a huge apology for not writing any posts for such long time. I'm not entirely sure where the last month has gone to, but it seems to have whooshed by!

    Floral Brocade LocketTo get back on track, I wanted to introduce you to our newest designer, Lenora Dame. Her beautiful handcrafted jewellery has just arrived from the US and went live on the site at the end of last week.

    Lenora Dame considers her career in jewellery design something that evolved, rather than a direction she pointed herself in and trained for.?? The birth of her first child made it apparent that the demands of that job and motherhood were not a good mix.? Growing up in a large creative family, with a mother who is almost never without a creative project in-hand ? knitting, sewing, quilting and most recently a prolific painter, was most likely the platform for her interest in doing something creatively entrepreneurial.? A collector by nature with a strong interest in anything vintage, Lenora found herself with a cache of vintage buttons ? which translated beautifully into jewellery.

    Vintage Birdy BangleHer early designs were almost exclusively made from vintage buttons and were one-of-a-kind creations ? Victorian metals, bakelite, celluloid and glass were among favoured materials.? ???A surprise came when high end boutiques were interested in the jewellery, even better ? did well with it and became regular customers. Looking for different ways to approach her designs, vintage and new beads and findings were mixed with the buttons to increase the assortment. In an effort to refine the line it became essential to learn different techniques of assembly, wire wrapping, stringing etc. which Lenora took on as a challenge.? ?A design shift was in the making.? Wanting to maintain a certain aesthetic, Lenora likes to use found objects as much as she can, vintage bits and pieces that create a look that is familiar and forward at the same time. Vintage textiles/prints are a favourite resource.? ??This of course requires time in antique shops, flea markets and auctions which is a favorite pastime.

    In September 2001, Lenora’s sister Alison joined her, bringing a strong marketing and business background and a partnership was formed.? Lenora lives in Chester County Pennsylvania with her husband Brooke Dolan and their two children.? Her studio is 15 minutes from her home in Chester Springs, PA.

  • London Fashion Week February 2010

    I was at London Fashion Week yesterday to place orders for our autumn/winter 2010 collections (I still can't get used to writing '2010', maybe I'll be used to it by the end of the year?). It was another typically hectic day that kicked off with my first appointment at Butler & Wilson. I love placing orders with B&W.? Everything is so sparkly and tempting - if I wasn't careful then the magpie in me would be buying everything in the shop. This season they've got some really outstanding items including jewelled goldfish cuffs, graduated crystal earrings and some ornate bridal headdresses. We'll have these items online in the next few months so keep an eye out for them. While I was there I treated myself to a rather sparkly, rather beautiful and rather expensive iPhone cover...you can see a photo of it here. I'm feeling a little guilty about buying it now...but it's so pretty and sparkly...

    Inside Butler & Wilson's South Molton St shop


    After my 'shopping spree' in B&W I was in a cab heading over to LFW at Somerset House. Why they continue to use this venue I do not know - it's an impressive venue, but it's terrible to walk around as a buyer, because the designers are hidden away in various nooks and crannies of the building which covers quite a large area. Trying to find them all must have added at least half an hour to my visit which isn't great when you're on a tight schedule. Bring back LFW at the Natural History Museum.? When I'd finally found where to register and woven my way through a few corridors I found the stand for one of our favourite designers Alex Monroe.

    Alex's new collection is entitled "The Peacock and the Crow". This new collection comprises of detailed gold plated peacock feathers with semi precious gems? and stunning Ruthenium plated crow feathers that have an almost iridescent sheen to them (think of the colours you can see in a black magpie feather). We'll have this collection in June - I think I'll be treating myself to one of the feather necklaces when it arrives.

    Alex Monroe's Peacock and the Crow Collection


    Then it was on to the Tatty Devine stand where I placed an order from their autumn/winter collection "The age of the blazing trails". Tatty Devine turn ten this year, and they're taking inspiration from women who set the world alight. Unfortunately I can't share photographs of the new collection with you just yet, but I can tell you to expect pieces comprising of pearls and crystals, pocket watches and some bright colourful pieces too. This collection should be arriving in late August. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page as soon as we can share them with you.

    I then went to see the hugely talented Fiona Paxton who had very kindly managed to grab me a much needed glass of champagne (this job does sometimes have its perks). For AW10, Fiona has created a collection entited "Four-Sided Constellation" with some detailed statement necklaces and cuffs with geometric patterning. My favourite was the drape necklace you can see in the top right of the photo below.

    Fiona Paxton at London Fashion Week


    A new designer that we'll be introducing to the site for autumn is the very lovely Jacey Withers. I've been admiring Jacey's designs from afar for a while now, so I couldn't resist placing an order. I love the new treasure chest locket we'll be stocking - it's a little chest that opens and spills out treasure. There are also some beautifully detailed raccoon pieces too - see the photos below for a sneak preview.

    Jacey Withers


    The Jacey Withers raccoon necklace - look at his tail!


    My final stop at LFW was Lola Rose. The AW10 collection has a beautiful collection of new stones and some fantastic new styles. I loved their new longer beaded necklaces and have ordered some for autumn - expect long necklaces with simple strands of beads, some faceted heart necklaces in a brand new shape and chunky rings.

    New Lola Rose for Autumn


    Lola Rose Rings Galore


    I'd now finished at LFW, but I still had one more appointment at the May Fair Hotel to keep. I was pretty much dead on my feet at this point, having drunk only champagne and water since breakfast (not as glamorous as it sounds when your head is spinning), so it was great to sit down and relax while I ordered some new pieces from two brand new designers Lenora Dame and Kirstin Ash.

    Lenora Dame is an American designer who creates jewellery pieces with combinations of old and new materials, wood, glass, textiles, found objects, lucite, paper and twine. Her eclectic creations have been worn by celebrities including Katie Perry and America Ferrera. Here's a little preview of things to come:

    Lenora Dame Alphabet Bracelet


    If you love all things birdy then you'll love our second new designer Kirstin Ash. Her jewellery is handmade in Sydney, Australia. Antique finishes, quirky animals and playful silhouettes form her signature style. Each collection has a story of its own but draws from a common inspiration of vintage curios, ordinary and obscure objects, children's books and Paris. Again, here's a little taster:

    Kirstin Ash Hummingbird Pendant


    We will keep you updated as to when these two new designers will be arriving, so keep an eye on the blog.

    A little exhausted, I headed back to Euston to catch the 7pm train back to Liverpool. The end of a long but exciting day!

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