Lola Rose Jewellery AW14 Season Preview

Good news for our Lola Rose customers - the autumn/winter 2014 collection will be arriving in the next couple of weeks. The lovely people at Lola Rose have been kind enough to deliver it a little earlier than anticipated, as we've nearly sold of the SS14 collection. Here's a small preview of what's coming and the new semi precious stone colours we'll be showcasing for the Lola Rose AW14 season.

Lola Rose Darcel Ring in Cape Amethyst Lola Rose Darcel Ring in Cape Amethyst


New Lola Rose Autumn/Winter 2014 Jewellery Styles

We'll be welcoming back some favourite jewellery pieces including the best-selling Fern bracelet, the elegant Elena necklace and the tactile Darcel stretch ring. Other new styles arriving include the Mirielle necklace and the chunky, easy to wear Abbie necklace with a chinese knot closure. Later in the season we'll be getting a second delivery that includes a very popular bracelet, made exclusively for us in the AW14 season colours. Any guesses as to which bracelet it will be? Comment below and I'll let you know if you're right.

Lola Rose Abbie Necklace in Blue Fossil Jasper Lola Rose Abbie Necklace in Blue Fossil Jasper


As you'd always expect from Lola Rose, the jewellery is all made from the highest quality semi precious stones, hand selected by Nikki and her team. Lola Rose is known for its quality. Every piece is crafted by hand and as the jewellery is made from unique stones, no two pieces are alike. Every time you treat yourself to a new piece of Lola Rose jewellery, you know you're getting something unique and one-off. It's no wonder that lots of our customers have started collecting Lola Rose jewellery - it's quite addictive. Once you have one piece, you want more!

The new season of Lola Rose jewellery will be presented in the new style hot pink jewellery pouches, ideal for protecting and safely storing the jewellery. They're also really useful if you're travelling.

New Style Lola Rose Jewellery Pouch New Style Lola Rose Jewellery Pouch


Lola Rose AW14 Semi Precious Stone Colours

New semi precious stones for the AW14 season are striking and feminine. We have the return of classic best selling black obsidian and blue sandstone - always popular for adding some glamour and sparkle during winter months. We also welcome back of one of our favourites - eye stone. Nikki and her team have managed to find a new source of this beautiful, natural stone so it returns after a long and much-missed absence. Blue is a key colour for AW14, so the collection is infused with vibrant blue fossil jasper and the intriguingly patterned conglo jasper. Another new colour is cape amethyst stone, which appears on necklaces, rings and bracelets throughout the collection. It's a beautiful, natural amethyst stone with detailed markings and rich colouring. Some amethyst stones have a washed out appearance, but the cape amethyst has a wonderful vibrancy to it which we know you'll love. Other colours included in the Lola Rose AW14 collection are purple waterlily serpentine and pink aragonite...with more arriving later in the season.

Lola Rose Mirielle Necklace in Eye Stone Lola Rose Mirielle Necklace in Eye Stone


What are your favourite pieces from our preview above? I'd love to know - comments below! Keep checking our Lola Rose jewellery section on the website for the arrival of the new collection. I can't wait.





4 thoughts on “Lola Rose Jewellery AW14 Season Preview”

  • Jennifer Lewis
    Jennifer Lewis July 22, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    love all the natural stones and have a couple of pieces in the congolo jasper already - it really is stunning, plenty of room for more to add to the collection though :)

    love that you will be getting an exclusive collection of new season colours in an existing bracelet, hoping it might be the carmela bracelet - was definitely a fave of mine from the ss14 collection.

    looking forward to seeing the new pieces!

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