• Symbology is here!


    Design based on spiritual symbols, SYMBOLOGY jewellery is perfect gifts to give to your loved ones to cherish life, share love, joy and positive spirit. ‘It’s the little moments that make life big’. The spirit of SYMBOLOGY is to create meaningful jewellery for all age groups to celebrate all these special moments in our lives. Every piece comes with a lovely open card with sentimental sayings, secret wordings and space to put personal messages in the card, wrapped in SYMBOLOGY gift boxes.

    Symbology Jewellery

    Currently, there are over 160 stores that stock SYMBOLOGY across the UK, including department stores, chain stores, boutique and gift shops. The team is very passionate about SYMBOLOGY and hope that you will join them on this journey.


    Infinity Love is a collection of handmade necklaces made of 18ct white gold / gold plated featured with cubic zirconia, set on open cards, gift boxed ready to give.

    Symbology Infinity Love Collection Packaging

    Symbology Infinity Love Jewellery

    Symbology Infinity Love Collection Packaging (2)



    Silver Light is charm bracelets collection made of classic silver beads with symbols featured charm includes infinity sign, love heart, owl, star, Etc.

    Symbology: Silver Light Collection Jewellery

    Symbology Silver Light Collection Packaging

    Symbology Silver Light Collection Packaging (2)



    Sweet Love is charm bracelets collection made of semi-precious stones with symbols featured charm includes infinity sign, love heart, owl, star, Etc.

    Symbology: New Mum Jewellery

    Symbology Packaging


    Just launched 2014 spring, circle of Love is a collection of silver plated bangle. Every bangle comes with a symbol featured charm and a tag with sentiment wording on, includes little bee (bee happy), love heart (you are loved), swallow (trust the process), daisy (sister), lotus (new journey), Etc. The classic design makes it perfect for every day style and meaning behind it makes it a perfect personalized gift.

    Picture1 Symbology: Bee Happy Bracelet



    Birthstone collection is made of classic silver beads featured with a semi precious stone in the middle, which stands for 12 month of the year and attract us good spirits and positive energy, includes luck, happiness, health, Etc.

    Symbology Birthstone Necklace

    Now you've seen the great collections that Symbology have to offer, see what they have to offer at Accessories Online.

  • The Stories Behind The Brands

    Ever wondered how the jewellery you wear came about? Where the ideas came from?

    Well, we figured we'd break it down for you to get deep into the fashion. We've selected some of our most popular brands and given you the low-down on where it all began. It's a chance to really understand the stories of the fashionable pieces you wear, and who knows, it might even make you like it more!


    Bibi Alhaja Bijoux is a brand known for its finest handmade jewellery. From their offices based in Holland, Bijoux specialises in hand crafted jewellery from the most quality of materials including silver and gold as well as Swarovski crystals. The range stretches from necklaces to earrings and each and every product that they produce blossoms with creativity, making sure that is something for everyone – explaining the word ‘Alhaja’ which is an old word that originates from Spanish meaning ‘specially made for you’, and we hope that by browsing our website and find what you’re looking for, that happens to just be the case.


    Disney Couture brings the favourite characters of the Disney films into fun and fashionable accessories ranging from bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings and charms. The jewellery is licensed by Disney itself includes some of the iconic characters from famous Disney films such as Cinderella, Snow White, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Frozen, plus many many more.

    Although the characters may appeal to younger ages, the jewellery is of the highest quality and can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. Each product comes with 12-month warranty at the time of purchase and all stones are Swarovski ELEMENT crystals which are one of the finest in the business. They’re also 100% nickel free and plated with 3 microns of silver, 14kt gold or platinum providing an incredible finish and sparkle.


    Stocking Dogeared since 2004, we have one of the largest collections available on the internet.

    It was founded in sunny Southern California in 1991 by Marcia Maizel-Clare who wanted to create jewellery that was both beautiful and meaningful. Her aim was to make jewellery that could tell a story or make a happy and hopeful statement. This ethos is what started the wonderful, creative journey that is Dogeared.

    Dogeared jewellery is stylish and has purpose. Every piece can tell you a story about individuality, love, friendship or self-expression. It’s all about creating connections and celebrating the people and moments that matter in life. Every piece of jewellery is presented on a special card with happy messages of love, friendship and good karma.


    Lola Rose started back in 2000, when founder and designer Nicola Gerwirtz began a personal quest to create a range of jewellery that was affordable, luxurious and would make the wearer feel glamorous. Nikki and her team always select the most vibrant and beautiful natural stones, which makes every jewellery piece unique and special. As Lola Rose jewellery is carefully crafted from the finest natural stones, it makes every piece unique. Stone quality is very important when creating semi-precious jewellery.

    The product range for Lola Rose includes scarves, earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.


    Tatty Devine was founded in 1999 by Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden. Their jewellery handmade designs are bright, inventive, whimsical and witty. Tatty Devine is unusual, distinctive, instantly recognisable and all about expressing yourself in a unique and fun way. Its purpose is to blur the boundaries between fashion, art and culture.

    Tatty Devine jewellery is always original. Every piece is designed and crafted by hand in their London and Kent workshops. Their signature style is bright, quirky, bold, colourful and fun. Inspiration comes from anything and everything. Signature pieces are often handcrafted into bright acrylic shapes, however you might also find pieces crafted from wood, textile, leather and veneers.


    Ti Sento Milano is a collection of luxurious and fashionable sterling silver jewellery that appeals to every woman. In Italian, the words words ‘Ti Sento’ mean ‘I feel you’ – their sole purpose is to cater to every woman, for that every occasion.

    Following the latest fashion trends and driven by catwalk, news, pop culture and innovation, the talented design team create new ladies jewellery collections for each season. The collection of rhodium plated sterling silver jewellery includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, wrist wear and earrings in dazzling colours.

    Browse the website to see the brands and items come to life. We have a great range to choose from!

  • Tribal Steel now available at Accessories Online!

    Accessories Online welcomes Tribal Steel jewellery. We've recently announced that we'll be introducing a men's range to our products and Tribal Steel becomes one of the first to hit the website!

    All items include a stainless steel finish and currently we offer bracelets and cufflinks from the Tribal Steel product range. Each item comes in the stylish and unique branded packaging, making it a perfect gift for a special occasion.

    The bracelet items cater to numerous outfits and styles, each made from great quality leather and are available in several colours to match your chosen outfit selection. Each clasp on the design of the bracelet also slightly curves to fit the wrist perfectly are riveted with the band for that extra security.

    The cufflink products all have their own unique design and are suited to any occasion, again predominantly made from stainless steel but individual in its own way. Some designs also allow for engraving if you feel the need to get that extra mile for that special person, or even if it's just to put a memorable message to stay with them forever.

    You can see our full product range here.

    Watch this space as Tribal will just be getting started. We hope you find the new brands are something different and expect more to come very soon!

  • Scarf season will be soon upon us

    Let's face it, the Summer in the UK had it's routine story as it does every year. We've had our moments of sunshine bursting through the normally overcast clouds, giving us a chance to crack open that bubbly bottle of Strawberry & Lime Kopparberg in the town centre beer garden, but it now seems as we get closer to that special time of the year, that Kopparberg is slowly being replaced by a hot chocolate with bubbly marshmallows rather than bubbles.

    But it's no problem. Autumn's soon coming around the corner and it's now time to pack away them sunglasses and swimwear gear and bring out the wooly jumpers and scarves - in this case, we're going to focus more on the scarves.

    Accessories Online has you covered for the eventual arriving cold season. If you didn't know already, although we love making you feel glamorous with as much shiny jewellery you can possibly wear, we also specialise in the scarves too. For all them times when that jewellery needs to be covered with your bobble hat for the ears or mittens for your hands, you can still show off your scarf around your neck and look fabulous doing it.

    Our main range comes from famous designer Lola Rose. Lola Rose started back in 2000, when founder and designer Nicola Gerwirtz began a personal quest to create a range of jewellery and accessories that were affordable, luxurious and would make the wearer feel glamorous. It’s very rare that two products are alike, so every time you treat yourself to a new item you can be assured that you’re getting something special.

    The product range for Lola Rose includes scarves, earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. You can be reassured that each of them are made with the finest materials and are all easily wearable through adjustable and suitable closures crafted with each item, so there’s not struggle with making sure the gift matches perfectly.

    Before the weather takes that unexpected wrong turn, take a look at the Accessories Online scarf range

    Want to look stylish, catering the way you wear your scarf for every occasion? Lola Rose have a helpful guide to numerous ways you can wear your scarf for full effect:

    We can imagine not everyone likes the cold breeze just to pop to the shop, but at least with your scarf around your neck you'll feel like you're snuggled up with cuppa in hand and a cosy blanket at all times.

  • So, why Accessories Online? Service is why.

    Here at Accessories Online we take pride in our customer service and adopt a 'trust' approach with our buyers. We like to make sure that we have an efficient process so that as soon as you click the buy button there's no hassle in receiving your gift and it's produced with the quality you paid for.

    We feel there are services that make us different from the rest. For starters, we offer free UK delivery with all our products so there's no need to worry about added cost of post & packaging. If anything it gives you a little extra to maybe treat yourself or someone else special when browsing through the website. If however, for whatever reason you also need to return your purchases to us it's also free for the UK (but we don't feel you need it), we rarely have any returns.

    There's also several ways to pay with us and they're all secure methods. There's the option to use Sage Pay or Pay Pal which are both swift ways to purchase goods but alternatively we accept most card paymeFree Delivery and Returns nts including Visa, Visa Debit and even American Express if you are paying internationally. The payments are taken from your account upon receipt of your product so we know that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and it's been received safely.

    What's great with us most of all is our range of products and prices. Due to our good working relationships with our partners, we have the ability to provide you with the most competitive prices around so that you get the extra quality, for less.  Some of the biggest brands in the jewellery/ accessories industry include Dyrberg-Kern, Fossil, Lola Rose, Ti Sento and many more, and we have them all in one place just for you. The products range from earrings & necklaces to handbags & scarves, so we're sure there's something here for everyone at affordable prices.

    We always have dedicated members of the company making sure they keep you up to date with our latest products and services through our social networks so be sure to check them out. You can find all of our links below.

    Happy Shopping!

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  • Treaty Jewellery is here!

    We are happy to announce that we are now stocking Treaty Jewellery at Accessories Online!

    Treaty Jewellery has an aura of style and sophistication. Their products, all hand made and elegantly put together to create a stunning collection of jewellery. Ran by a mother and son partnership, the brand has a trademark for its polished silver finishes with their products, and the pieces range from necklaces and bracelets to cuffs and pashminas so there's a variety to choose from for everyone.

    Their inspiration mainly comes from the art and nature of the Middle East, North Africa and South-eastern Europe which combines together to create quality pieces of jewellery, and as mentioned each of the pieces are handmade for that guaranteed excellence. The hand-crafted products are carefully put together with a combination of Zinc, Copper and Aluminium (Zamac as it's more commonly known). They are then silver-plated, which Treaty is well known for, creating a stylish finish.

    As always, Accessories Online continues to make sure that it brings you good, quality jewellery but at a reasonable price. We feel Treaty Jewellery fits the bill. It's an exciting product/brand which we know will have your eyes gazing and wanting more.

    We're really excited at the prospect of the partnership we have with Treaty Jewellery and we're hoping in the future there's more to come available, so watch this space.

    As always, you can see our Treaty collection through our website at Accessories Online where you can view more of their products, and don't forget to follow our social networks to keep up to date with our latest news and sales on a range of products for when we're feeling generous.

  • Accessories Online - More about us

    Accessories Online is a business that has been running for over 10 years. We would like to take this time to thank the founder Vicky for the work she has done with the company. Her passion for accessories and jewellery shone through with the great work she has achieved with the company.

    Now, Accessories Online is on a new adventure and taking a new path under new ownership. It is currently run by a local family based in Stalybridge, Cheshire. We hope we can build on the great work that Vicky has done and continue to bring the great customer service that has always been a priority of the business.

    We feel at Accessories Online, our customer's only require the very best from the products we sell, right through to the service we offer. High end handmade jewellery and accessories for women is our speciality and with that knowledge we aim to make sure that all products and partnerships we have are best to suit you. The items we sell are from branded designers such as Disney Couture, Dogeared, Dyrberg/Kern, Fossil, Lola Rose, Tatty Devine, Ti Sento to mention a few.

    There's a variety of jewellery to choose from including watches, bracelets, necklaces and handbags plus more. What separates us from other retailers is value. From creating great relationships with our clients we are able to provide quality jewellery at a reasonable price so you are able to enjoy the luxuries without the large expense.

    We pride ourselves in great service for our customers, so with the company being strictly online based, all products are sold at your fingertips and delivered right to your door. The website is secure to make your purchases with the ability to acquire goods through all major credit cards and we also offer shipping worldwide at competitive prices. UK mail is free of charge and guaranteed next day delivery available. If for whatever reason you're not satisfied with your purchase then there's no worry as a returns service is also provided.

    Please feel free to write in to us if you have have any suggestions, ideas for products to be made available and we will try our best to accommodate. Also, find our social network sites below and give us a follow.

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  • Happy New Year 2016 and a toast to new beginnings!

    Accessories Online would like to wish all of our customers a very happy new year and hopefully a year to look forward to. We hope you all had a great Christmas too, and hoping that we made it that little extra special whilst we had our festive sale on during the Christmas period with 20% off everything! (If you missed it however, don't worry, keep an eye on the website and your emails for regular promotions in the coming year).

    This year starts the 1st full year of Accessories Online being under new ownership, and we aim to make it the best ever. We have so much to look forward to this year, targeting new partnerships with big brands to make sure you gain the very best products to look fabulous for 2016. We aim to make the product ranges wider than ever before, with the potential of bringing a range for men to widen our audience and product choices. We'll be having regular promotions on discounted products for them routine occasions such as Father's Day and Valentine's Day but also taking into consideration the annual celebrations of graduation for example, to make sure we're the place we come to first when you're looking to enjoy that special moment through a gift.

    As always, we're continuing to bring the great customer service we pride ourselves in, with free UK delivery on products and continuous updates through our social networks, emails and the website. If you haven't already, give us a follow on our social networks to find out up to date news when we have it for you.

    So here's hoping for a great 2016 and be sure to remember us when purchasing them special gifts.

    Don't forget to follow us on our social networks too for updates on Accessories Online and what we're up to!

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  • DYRBERG/KERN is here!

    Accessories Online are delighted to announce that the latest collections from DYRBERG/KERN jewellery range has finally arrived! With headquarters originally based in Copenhagen, Denmark DYBERG/KERN specialise in unique, handcrafted jewellery that reflects sophistication and glamour for today’s modern woman.

    DYRBERG_KERN_1192_RGB) (2) (258x300)

    The company itself have a range of products from necklaces and rings, to earrings and watches made from materials acquired from all over the world including Italy, China & Africa.

    DYRBERG_KERN_1001_RGB (300x200)

    Each beautifully crafted item goes through extensive processes to make sure it’s produced to the highest of standards which is shown especially through the pearls, stones and crystals that compose astonishing results.

    338289 alka rose         337632 tana rose gold          338072 june

    Enjoy this collections and please feel free to let us know your thoughts...

  • Lola Rose Jewellery SS15

    As promised the new Lola Rose 2015 Collection is here and it doesn’t disappoint. I am very excited about this collection.  The collection has some really strong and beautiful new stone colours.  Check out the rainbow fluorite, it shows up different colours of the rainbow depending on how the light hits it.  A total stunner!  I have ordered quite a few of these for you. Hope you like it as much as I do.

    Also check out the Ryanna necklace below.  The Ryanna necklace has a pretty polished oval pendant of semi precious Fluorite on a length of polished tumble beads in Rainbow Fluorite A versatile necklace that would match up with any Lola Rose bracelet in Rainbow Fluorite!

    Lola Rose Ryanna Necklace in Rainbow Flourite Lola Rose Ryanna Necklace in Rainbow Flourite

    The new collection is bold and bright - perfect for hot summer weather. Some other new stone colours worth getting excited about are crazy jasper, pink turquoise, sea green jasmine marble and pink persian agate. The photo below gives you a snapshot of the new stones available this spring. Absolutely stunning, don’t you think!?

    Lola Rose SS15 Jewellery Collection Lola Rose SS15 Jewellery Collection

    One of my favourite of the Lola Rose SS15 Collection has to be the Ester necklace as photographed below which is shown in pink turquoise.  I love the length and the shape of the smooth nugget pendant. I've ordered a mix of different colours to suit different tastes and lots of exciting new bracelet styles including the Poppie bracelet which is in the centre of the photo above. This bracelet has a pretty combination of smooth round beads and tumbled beads, finished with a love knot closure.

    Lola Rose Ester Necklace in Pink Turquoise Lola Rose Ester Necklace in Pink Turquoise

    What do you think about the new Lola Rose collection so far? - let me know below.

  • New from Henisha Jewellery

    We are pleased to announce a new line of jewellery from a new and upcoming designer. These stunning items are made with silver plated snake chains, equipped with extender links. The beads used are also silver plated, unless stated. Many of the beads are made of acrylic and crystal glass materials which give the items vibrancy and contain beautiful silver plated rhinestone beads to add that touch of sparkle and glamour to your outfit. These items are exclusive to Accessories Online only and we are very proud and excited to be working with this new team.

    Check out the products from Henisha Jewellery.

    Silver plated platinum silver and baby pink bracelets, with intersecting silver rhinestones with matching platinum two tier and four tier earrings.

    Pearl and alternate silver plated silver rhinestone bracelet with matching 3 tier and 2 tier earrings

    Vibrant electric blue and platinum with intersecting silver plated silver rhinestone bracelets.

  • Tatty Devine's AW14 Contemporary Collection - An Interview with Harriet Vine

    The latest collection of jewellery from our friends at Tatty Devine has landed! The AW14 contemporary collection is a collection of inspired jewellery designs that are perfect for the winter season. We were lucky enough to catch up with Harriet Vine (pictured on the left below, next to Rosie) - one of the co-founders and designers at Tatty Devine to find out what influenced the new collection.

    Harriet Vine and Rose Wolfenden of Tatty Devine Harriet Vine and Rose Wolfenden of Tatty Devine

    The new Autumn/Winter collection is really strong. What was your starting point for this collection? The mystic arts of fortune telling and divination, psychokinetic powers and Eastern European folk costume were all key starting points for this season. I became fascinated with all things arcane and wanted to recreate a sense of that eeriness in the collection. Often new materials influence the design of the jewellery and ethereal marbled Perspex, smooth birch wood and matt beads embossed with shining gilt stars all played their part to create a darkly luxurious feel.

    We’re loving the Lucky Star and Psychic Moon Neon Necklaces – what was the inspiration behind these pieces? I really loved the idea of classic psychic signs shining through windows in darkened alley ways. Fluoro Perspex is layered on glossy black Perspex and really captures the feel of a glowing neon sign. It's a playful take on the fortune teller story from the Autumn Winter collection.


    Tatty Devine Lucky Star Necklace Tatty Devine Lucky Star Necklace

    The new peacock butterfly necklace is so beautiful, we love the natural look you’ve achieved through using wood. How does working with wood vary compared to using perspex? Working with wood creates an entirely different effect than working with Perspex. It feels a little more delicate than bold and bright Perspex and it has a beautiful texture. We created the Butterfly Necklace by digitally printing the vibrant patterning of a Peacock Butterfly on laser cut walnut wood, and hand joining it with golden chains so it really flutters!

    Tatty Devine Peacock Butterfly Necklace Tatty Devine Peacock Butterfly Necklace

    When creating a collection do you start with drawings or by making prototype pieces? How many different variations of each design do you create before deciding on a final piece? Every piece starts with a conversation between Rosie and I.  Then I draw the ideas do as we talk.   The piece then progresses through further drawing both on paper and on computer until a first draught gets laser cut.  Depending on the complexity it could work first time our take anything up to 10 times to get right

    What’s your favourite piece from the new collection? I love the dotty dog!

    Tatty Devine Dotty Dog Dalmation Necklace Tatty Devine Dotty Dog Dalmation Necklace

    Have you started Christmas shopping yet? No way!!  I have thought about the things I would make for people if I had the time - it is the thought that counts ; )

    Thanks Harriet! Click here to shop our full collection of Tatty Devine jewellery.

  • Hello, Disney Couture Jewellery. Welcome Back!

    Ah, how we've missed Disney Couture Jewellery here at Well I'm pleased to announce that after a much missed absence, it's back! The collection is just as whimsical and unique as before and comes complete with a big dose of Disney magic.

    Disney Couture jewellery is officially licensed by Disney and inspired by classic animations such as Cinderella, The Lion King, Frozen (new collection coming soon - eek), Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland. The jewellery is amazing quality and plated in 14kt gold, platinum or silver. All jewellery is given a heavy 3 micron plating, meaning that it will last a long, long time. The crystals used are Swarovski Elements crystals - the finest and most sparkly type of Swarovski crystals available. In typical Disney style, the jewellery is finished with quirky little details such as inspirational Disney quotes, hidden charms and clever designs. It's also hypoallergenic, nickel free and comes with a 12 month warranty.

    Disney Couture When you Wish Upon a Star Bangle, Platinum Plated Disney Couture When you Wish Upon a Star Bangle, Platinum Plated

    If you have a Disney fan in your family then Disney Couture is the perfect gift. People give it as heirloom gifts for landmark birthdays, to be treasured for years to come. You can wear it if you're young or old - our customers range in age from 8 to 80! It's designed to be classic and timeless so that you'll still be wearing it in 10 years time - it won't go out of fashion.

    Just look at the 'Drink Me' necklace from the Alice in Wonderland collection, below. It's platinum and 14kt gold plated, finished with Swarovski Elements crystals and a black onyx bottle stopper which unscrews. Engraved around the top of the bottle is the inspirational Disney quote 'Believe in the impossible' and there's an Alice charm at the necklace closure too. Yes, as I said, plenty of detail.

    Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Drink Me Necklace Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Drink Me Necklace

    Another of my favourites are these little Mickey Mouse stud earrings. They're silver plated and have Swarovski Elements crystals that make up Mickey's hear and ears. The detail with these earrings is that the crystals are in an open setting - the crystals are not 'closed' at the back which allows the light to pass through the crystal. What does that mean? Why, more sparkle of course! What makes them even more desirable is that they're only £21.95.

    Disney Couture Mickey Mouse Swarovski Crystal Earrings Disney Couture Mickey Mouse Swarovski Crystal Earrings

    You can buy our collection of Disney Couture jewellery online, or if you're Liverpool based, why not pop into our shop and take a look? I'd love to know what you think - leave me a comment below!




  • Customer Story: Bridal Jewellery for Jordan

    jordan-1Jordan and I have been chatting since 2009 when we'd both just joined Twitter. We've become good friends since then (one of the things I love about Twitter is that I can really get to know my customers  - something that was quite hard to to beforehand). It's been a pleasure to follow Jordan's story over the last 5 years. Things reached new levels of excitement when her fiancé Stuart proposed to her in Lindos on the sunny Greek island of Rhodes. Soon after, Jordan started planning her wedding and treating us to little snippets on Twitter of how she was getting on. She definitely qualifies as one of the most organised brides ever.

    I felt honoured when Jordan asked me advice on choosing her bridal jewellery. After a few emails and a *super exclusive* preview of the dress (beautiful), we decided on some pearl jewellery by Ti Sento. Ti Sento is perfect for bridal jewellery as it's wonderful quality and the styles are perfectly suited to brides with luxurious combinations of pearls, sterling silver and cubic zirconia crystals. Jordan chose two pearl bracelets, one with large pearls and a crystal t-bar closure, the other with smaller pearls with a single cubic zirconia crystal. They looked perfect layered together. For earrings, she chose a pair of cubic zirconia and pearl earrings - simple and elegant.

    jordan-6What made  you choose the pieces you did? My jewellery was actually one of the last things I chose - I wanted to make sure it complemented everything else that I was wearing. I knew I wanted something 'classic', and the Ti Sento pieces did this, but with a really lovely modern twist - exactly what I wanted.

    What was your first thought when you opened the jewellery box? Well, the pink outer packaging made me smile straight off, then to open the lovely thick white box and luxurious looking silk bag one of the bracelets came in was just wonderful.  Made me feel like I'd definitely made the right purchase.

    jordan-5How organised were you for your wedding day? Cool, calm and collected or last minute panic? I was *super* organised for our wedding and it really did add to my enjoyment of the process. I loved every second of shopping for and preparing and making things. Because I was organised I was able to have time to do things at the pace I wanted and the way I wanted!

    What was your most memorable moment from your wedding day? It has to be just before I walked down the aisle - the doors were glass and I was stood there in a gorgeous dress, everyone just waiting. It took my breath away a little bit. The rest just went in a complete whirlwind!

    Did you cry? I'm a big 'crier' and expected to pretty much cry my way through the whole ceremony.  Thankfully, I didn't and cried just the once when I had to say my name! After that I was okay. The only other time I cried was when it was the last dance of the night - I just felt so elated about the amazing day we'd had, but so sad too that it was all over.

    Thank you Jordan for allowing us to play a tiny part in your big day!

  • A little story about how it all started.

    I can't believe that we're celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year. Not many people know the story of how I started my little jewellery business, so now's probably the time to share.

    vicky_polaroidBack in 2004 I was a Make-up Artist, working freelance and also teaching at a local college. The teaching job was swallowing up my life and making me unhappy. Working as a freelance Make-up Artist was fun and something I was passionate about, but work was unpredictable. A career change was on the cards.  I'd always had a huge passion for jewellery and accessories (perhaps verging on a problem, judging by my credit card statements), so it seemed obvious that I did something that embraced my big love for anything sparkly. I took advantage of the courses available to me while teaching at college to train myself up in basic website coding and design. Using this new found knowledge I started my fledgling jewellery business on eBay, investing £50 in some simple silver jewellery. I still keep one of the original necklaces I started with as a reminder of how it all began. It's in a drawer at my office desk and occasionally I'll take a look at it and get all sentimental.

    A few months later and my business was taking off, so I took the daunting decision of handing my notice in at the college. I remember my hand shaking as I posted the letter, wondering if I was doing the right thing. As soon as the letter was posted things got serious. I had to earn a barn_polaroidliving from this. I built my own basic website from scratch (the world of eCommerce was a lot more simple back in 2004) and started selling solely through the website. My first three brands were Dogeared, Butler & Wilson and Les Nereides. I worked from home; my front room was packed to the rafters with jewellery and packaging. I was shipping orders worldwide and found it really thrilling when an order dropped in from a country I'd not yet shipped to. It amazed me that people from all over the world were finding my little website and placing orders (and it still does). I keep meaning to get a map for the wall to mark all the countries we've shipped to over the years - I think we've covered most of the globe! We've sent our jewellery to Royal Palaces, remote tropical islands and high profile celebrities. Over the years, our eye for great style has been picked up on by the odd fashion editor or two, with our jewellery featuring in fashion magazines including Vogue, Grazia, Harpers Bazaar and even on TV.

    In 2008 it reached the point where my office could only be entered by running at the door shoulder-first. My business had outgrown the house, so I started the hunt for shop and office premises. I wanted to avoid the high street and find somewhere that was as unique as the jewellery I was selling. My hunt led me to find our current home, The Well Barn in Little Crosby Village, Liverpool. It's a beautiful place to work - a cluster of 18th century converted farm buildings around an old stable yard. Little Crosby, between Southport and Liverpool, is a picturesque village with chocolate box cottages, surrounded by fields. Our initial shop and office was located in an old converted hay loft. Cramped was not the word. I soldiered on, contorted at my desk, surrounded by jewellery cabinets, packaging and piles of jewellery. In 2013 we moved into our current shop and office where we now happily have lots of space and a beautiful jewellery shop (take a virtual tour inside below).

    View Larger Map

    Years on, we're still a small business (a team of just two, or three if you include our office dog Holly the Dachshund). I've let the business grow slowly and have remained adamant that we keep the same passion for jewellery and the same business values that I started with. The world of eCommerce is a totally different beast nowadays, but the core of my business is still the same. My customers are so important to me. There are people I speak to that have been customers from the start. I know the names of all our good customers and it's always a pleasure to get an email from a happy customer or have a nice natter over the phone. That's what gives me the most pleasure from what I do (aside from getting to look at beautiful jewellery every day). We also have a really strong and loyal customer following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where we love to keep in touch with everyone.

    So, 10 years on, I'd like to say huge and heartfelt thanks to everybody who has helped my business along the way. It's been an absolute pleasure.




  • It's Double Discount Time!

    Double Discount at

    It's that time of the year! We're running our double discount promotion for a limited period meaning you can get an extra 20% off everything on our website. That includes sale items so there are some serious savings to be made! Just enter the code DD20 at checkout to claim your discount.

    We've already reduced some of our jewellery nearly 70% - add the extra 20% on to that and what do you have? A bargain.

    Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it. Don't leave it too late though - the code expires on Wednesday the 2nd July.


  • The 2014 Summer Sale has Started

    Summer Sale at Accessories Online

    Here's something to brighten your Monday: our summer sale has started! Shop it now for big savings on beautiful, branded designer jewellery and accessories. With savings of up to 80% there are some fabulous finds - go hunt them out before somebody else does.

    Brands included in the jewellery and accessories sale include Fossil, Dogeared, Ted Baker, Lola Rose and more. Go take a peek!

    Happy shopping!




  • New Lower Shipping Rates


    You asked...we listened! There's good news for both our international and UK customers - we've lowered our international shipping rates and introduced a free next day delivery option for those in the UK.

    So if you're overseas, we now offer standard international delivery for just £1.95. If you need it fast we're still offering our international tracked priority shipping that's remained the same price at £6.95. Spend over £150 and we'll treat you to tracked priority shipping absolutely free of charge.

    For our UK based customers, if you spend over £100 you can select free next day delivery. Spend under that and you can still opt for free standard 48 hour delivery.

    Just a little gesture to show we care!




  • Let it Go. Official Disney Frozen Jewellery is Here.

    It's here at last - the official Disney Frozen jewellery collection. This gorgeous new range from Disney Couture jewellery is completely inspired by the blockbusting animation. There are necklaces, earrings and bracelets to choose from, all plated in luxurious white gold and finished with Swarovski ELEMENTS crystals.

    The Let it Go necklace will get you singing! Featuring the lyrics from most iconic song in the film, it's white gold plated with little snowflakes and a single Swarovski crystal too.

    Disney Couture Frozen Let It Go Necklace Disney Couture Let It Go Necklace


    Another thing to get you singing - the Let it Go bangle. It has 'Let it Go' on the front and a snowflake design on the back in the coolest shade of blue. It's white gold plated too.

    Disney Frozen Let it Go Bangle Disney Frozen Let it Go Bangle


    These white gold plated earrings feature little snowflakes. They're just the right size and look so pretty.

    Disney Couture Frozen Snowflake Earrings Disney Couture Snowflake Earrings


    'Only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart' is the slogan engraved on this this white gold plated Disney Frozen bangle. It's finished with a little turquoise heart too.

    Disney Frozen True Love Bangle Disney True Love Bangle


    The last thing we have to show is this beautiful 'Frozen Heart' necklace. The design of the necklace matches up with the style of the Frozen logo which we love. It's white gold plated and is adjustable too.

    Disney Frozen Heart Necklace Disney Frozen Heart Necklace

    What do you think of the new collection? I'd love to know your favourites - let me know!

  • Win a Dogeared Infinity Bracelet!

    Hurray for February! We finally made it through the cold, wet fug that was January. Spring is just round the corner and the days are getting longer. To celebrate this, we thought we'd give away one of our lovely gold infinity bracelets (worth ?51.95) from the best selling Californian based jewellery brand, Dogeared. This pretty little treasure is part of our infinity jewellery collection which is VERY on trend right now. And perfect for Valentines gifts too - 'tis the season to drop hints, after all.

    To enter our competition to win this beautiful bracelet, all you have to do is like our photo on Facebook. If you like our page and share the post too, we'll love you even more. Good luck - and here's to a happy February.



  • Win a Ted Baker Bangle!

    Head over to our Facebook page to enter our competition to win a fabulously sleek Ted Baker Brodie cuff worth ?49. All you have to do is like the picture to enter (but if you like our page and share it too, we'll love you even more).

  • Our Big Designer Jewellery Sale Just Got Better

    Our Designer Jewellery Sale Just got BiggerWe always do real sales here at - genuinely discounted items with big savings. Our designer jewellery sale just got even better as we've added more lines and made further reductions. The majority of jewellery and accessories are now 50% off or more. Visit our sale and you'll find some truly stunning pieces just waiting to be snapped up at a fraction of the price. Some items are genuine steals and are priced to sell. Get them while you can as once they're gone, they're gone.

    Happy bargain hunting!

  • It's Double Discount time. Save an extra 20% on designer jewellery.

    Double Discount

    Yes, it's that time of the year again! We're offering you our most generous sale discount to date so we can make some space for the new spring collections in our twice yearly double discount promotion.

    For a limited period we're offering 20% off almost everything on our website, including products already in the Winter Sale meaning we have some amazing bargains available. Simply use the code DD20 at checkout to claim your discount.

    Don't forget that we offer free UK delivery and returns. Priority Worldwide delivery is just ?6.95.

    The code is valid against all purchases, with the exception of Butler & Wilson jewellery. The offer expires at midnight on Wednesday the 15th January 2014 and is valid against new orders only.

    Click here to shop.

  • Season's Greetings from

    seasonsgreetingsIt's that time of year again! How quickly a year passes. As I always do at Christmas, I'd like to wish all our customers and friends a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. We appreciate each and every one of you. It's been a genuine pleasure.

    Have a wonderful holiday, see you in 2014 :)

  • Christmas 2013 - Holiday Opening Times


    Our opening times over the Christmas period are as follows:

    • Closed from 1pm on Monday 23rd December to Thursday 26th December
    • Open Friday 27th December for despatch of orders placed during our closed period
    • Closed Saturday 28th December until Thursday 2nd January 2014
    • We'll be open as normal from Friday 3rd January 2013.

    If you select a ?next day delivery’ method while we’re closed, then your order will be despatched on the next day that we’re open after your order was placed.

    We’ll be occasionally checking emails while we’re closed, so feel free to contact us via our Contact Form. We’ll aim to respond within 48 hours if we can tear ourselves away from repeats of Only Fools and Horses and napping on the couch.

    Have a great Christmas!

  • Christmas Delivery Still Available


    Fear not! We can guarantee Christmas Delivery right up until Christmas Eve, so there's still loads of time to do your Christmas shopping with us.

    Here are our last ordering dates to ensure your order arrives in plenty of time:

    • Free delivery - order by 1pm tomorrow (Thursday 19th December)
    • Next day delivery - order by 1pm on Monday 23rd December

    Don't forget that we offer free returns for our UK customers and we've also extended our returns period for the festive season, so shopping with us couldn't be simpler.

    Click here to visit our website.

  • Festive Happenings at the Shop

    If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have noticed that every year I normally start getting excited about Christmas in about July. So it goes without saying that I love decorating our Little Crosby jewellery shop with Christmas lights, candles and a freshly made wreath on the shop door. I even managed to decorate Holly the Dachshund. Here are some photos from our Instagram feed. If you're based in Liverpool, come and visit our shop and say hello!

  • Join us for a Christmas Shopping Evening this Thursday

    Join us this Thursday the 5th December from 5.30pm onwards for a festive evening of carol singing by candlelight, mince pies, mulled wine and most importantly, jewellery!

    We'll be opening our Little Crosby jewellery shop doors till late to give you chance to browse our Christmas collections. There will also be some special offers on the night.

    We'll have carol singing by candlelight outside at 7pm onwards so wrap up warm.

    Our neighbours at The Flower Barn and Caribbean Essentials will also be opening late to give you the chance to browse their Christmas collections.

    The evening is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit in the picturesque setting of The Well Barn. Entry is free and there's free parking. For full details and to RSVP, visit our Facebook event page.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Get 15% off in Our Christmas Shopping Extravaganza


    It's payday! It's nearly Christmas! We're feeling very festive here at and we're celebrating with a 15% discount for four days only. Just use the code GIFT15 at checkout on our website to get 15% off your Christmas shopping.

    The code is valid against all purchases, is valid on new orders only and expires at midnight on Monday the 2nd December.

    Spoil your loved ones with beautiful, unique designer jewellery by top brands including Fossil, Dyrberg/Kern, Ti Sento and Ted Baker.

    As always, we offer free delivery and returns for our UK customers. For our overseas customers, delivery is just ?6.95 per order. We've also extended our returns period for the festive season, so anything you purchase can be returned up to January the 6th 2014. Like we say every year, we keep your Christmas shopping simple.

    Best wishes,

  • Christmas Time. Join us for Jewellery and (Mulled) Wine.

    Christmas Shopping Event at Accessories Online

    We'll be getting into the festive spirit on the evening of the 5th December and hosting a Christmas Shopping evening at our shop based at The Well Barn in Little Crosby Village, Liverpool.? Join us for festive nibbles, mulled wine and the chance to you browse our designer jewellery collections. There will also be some special offers available on that night only.

    The event starts from 5.30pm onwards and everybody's welcome. If you're planning on coming, kindly RSVP via our event page on Facebook so we can organize enough nibbles to go round.

    Our neighbours The Flower Barn and Caribbean Essentials will also be open so you can browse their Christmas collections. Weather permitting, we're hoping to offer mulled wine and mince pies outside by candlelight. There might even be carol singers. Watch this space.

    There's plenty of free parking outside and we'll be staying open late (I'm also secretly hoping for snow to complete the Christmas scene).

    Hope to see you there!

  • Complimentary International Shipping This Week

    Complimentary Shipping This Week

    Just for our overseas customers - place an order over ?50 GBP this week and you'll get complimentary international shipping worth ?6.95. Your order will be carefully packed and sent by priority registered post in our signature pink bubble mailers. All free of charge!

    I don't want to start talking about Christmas too much, but, it is the perfect opportunity to get your gift buying done and delivered in plenty of time.

    You don't need a code to get this offer, it's deducted automatically at checkout. It's valid until this Wednesday the 20th November. If you're a non EU customer, tax will be deducted at checkout.

    Just a little gesture to show how much we appreciate our customers from all around the globe.

    Click here to shop the the website.

  • 20% off this week only. Also, the shop goes Autumnal.

    20% off at this week only

    This code has now expired!

    Get a huge 20% off designer jewellery at this week only. It's time to treat yourself to something pretty for autumn, or dare we say it, even start a bit of Christmas shopping (I've already started mine).

    Simply use the code AUTUMN20 (all caps) at checkout on our website to claim your discount. You can also use the code in our shop. The code is valid against all purchases, with the exception of Butler & Wilson jewellery. The offer expires at midnight on Friday 25th October and is valid against new orders only. This is the biggest website-wide discount we'll be doing before Christmas.

    We've been getting ready for Autumn here and have adorned our shop door with a beautiful autumn wreath. It's made from pine with real nuts, fruit and mini pumpkins:


    Inside, we have a beautiful bouquet in Autumn colours:

    We've also added some wild flowers to our jewellery displays, this Alex Monroe jewellery display has herbs, berries and wild flowers:

    What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

  • Win Jewellery! Enter our Competitions on Facebook and Twitter.

    Do you like winning stuff? Fancy winning something you've been coveting on our website for a while? In that case, head over to our Twitter page where we're running a competition to win your favourite jewellery item from our website. You can choose anything you like and if we pick your tweet you win it. Yes, really.

    Want to win even more pretty things? Over on our Facebook page we have yet another competition where you can win one of best-selling and most iconic necklaces of all time - the Dogeared Karma necklace. This little beauty is worth ?64.95 and we're giving it away. All you have to do is 'like' our post on Facebook. We've pinned the post to the top of the page so it's easy to find. While you're there, it would be great if you could give us a 'like' too!

    Good luck!

  • Pay Day Treat: 15% off Designer Jewellery this Weekend

    15% off designer jewellery this weekend

    It's the day you thought would never arrive. Pay day. Now, we suggest you spend wisely. Autumn's approaching and you'll be needing sparkly things for your new season wardrobe. Don't feel guilty, we think you should treat yourself. To give you a a bit of a helping hand we're giving you a generous 15% off all designer jewellery purchases made this weekend.

    Just put the discount code AUG15 into the box at checkout on our fabulous designer jewellery website and we'll deduct 15% from the amount in your basket. The code isn't valid against Butler & Wilson jewellery and it's valid on new orders only. You've got until midnight on Sunday (01.09.13 - SEPTEMBER, how did that happen?) to use it.

    Happy shopping!

  • Win a ?250 Shopping Spree

    Win a ?250 Shopping Spree

    Time for a competition! We're giving you the chance to win a ?250 to spend on our designer jewellery website or in our Liverpool based shop. Imagine all the pretty things you could buy with that!

    To enter the competition just 'Like' our Facebook page and answer the simple question to enter.

    Good luck!

  • 20% off all Jewellery and Accessory Purchases discount code

    As a little treat, we’re offering 20% off all jewellery and accessory purchases made over the Easter weekend with a limited period discount code.

    Simply use the discount code TREAT20 (all caps) at checkout to claim your discount. The code is valid against new orders and excludes Butler & Wilson jewellery. The offer expires at midnight on Wednesday 05/06/13 and is valid against new orders only.

    As always, we offer free delivery and returns for our UK customers. For our overseas customers, delivery is just ?6.95 per order and that’s for priority registered mail.

    Have a good weekend,

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