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    Guest PostSo you’ve spent ages getting ready, you’ve got your outfit on, you look?okay, but there’s something not quite right. Something is missing. Then you reach for that statement ring. Your outfit changes. You no longer look ?alright? - you look fantastic and set apart from the crowd. BAM your outfit is suddenly perfect.

    Ahhh. The power of fantastic jewellery.

    Hello lovers of all things glitzy, glamorous and gorgeous, I’m Poppy from Sunderland and today I want to talk to you lovely peeps about my favourite accessory, (If you hadn’t guessed from that OTT introduction above!) - the ring.

    But how rude of me just to waffle on about rings I’m fancying and you don’t know anything about me! As I said above, my name’s Poppy and I live over at Bears and Bunting, my little corner of the web. I study Fine Art at Sunderland Uni and spend an unholy amount of my time baking and gaming, on account of me being a giant nerd.

    Anyway, that’s enough about me, let’s talk about the main attraction.

    Statement rings are massive news right now, and I literally can’t get enough of them. Though if I’m honest, I love most rings. Big rings, bold rings, dainty rings, sparkly rings, double fingered, even triple fingered rings! I’m all over that scene.

    So for your viewing pleasure, I’ve picked out some of the rings I’ve been coveting from the selection here at Accessories Online. Enjoy!

    Les Nereides Circus Tent Ring


    Can’t you just imagine there’s a tiny little acrobatics show going on in there? And I love the tassle on top of the tent. It gives it a really fun, playful twist that I love.

    Ted Baker Two Tone Ruffle Bow Ring


    I’ve always said that I either wear gold or silver jewellery and never the two shall meet on the same occasion. However, this is one ring that I’m happy to break that rule for. The combination of both colours just works so well and somehow makes the bow look both dainty and strikingly bold.

    N2 Rue du Macaron Ring


    And finally, I couldn’t not talk about this ring. Look how realistic it looks! I could just pick it up and eat it. I have such a sweet tooth it’s ridiculous, so it’s no surprise that I’d like this ring. Seriously, if I didn’t have to pay Uni tuition fees and keep a landlord in business, all my money would go on sweeties and baked treats, believe me.

    So what do you guys think of my picks? What are you lusting after? Leave a comment below or if you decide to mosey on over to my little home on the web, drop me a line and let me know what you crave from Accessories Online. I love to know other peoples opinions and I always love hearing from new readers!

    I hope you liked the post and thanks for reading, peeps!

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