spring summer 2011

  • Les Nereides - New Season Now Online

    This season sees one of the most elaborate and intricate collections that we've seen from French jewellery brand Les N?r?ides. We are featuring four themes for spring/summer 2011 - Histoire d'un Cygne, Demoiselles du Bonheur, Carnaval ? Venise and Voluptueuse et Vaporeuse.

    Histoire d'un Cygne combines oversized pearls and Swarovski crystals with hand enamelled swan motifs to create an elegant yet dramatic collection. We just love this ring:

    Les Nereides Histoire d'un Cygne White Swan Crystal Cluster Ring, ?98.95


    Voluptueuse et Vaporeuse is a classic Les Nereides floral collection. Tiny birds mingle with shimmering pearls to create a romantic theme. This set of three rings featuring little enamelled birds is really sweet:

    Les Nereides Voluptueuse et Vaporeuse Set of Three Bird and Pearl Rings, ?109.95



    Even if you're don't speak French you'll be able to guess the theme of the Carnaval ? Venise collection. Mystery prevails, with masks, fans and cloaked clowns adorning necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The earrings below are particularly striking, we like the way that the fans hang at differing angles:

    Les Nereides Carnaval a Venise Fan Drop Earrings, ?109.95


    Last but not least is Demoiselles du Bonheur, a collection themed around gardens. This quirky collection includes little ladybirds perched upon fruit and vegetable charms. This charm bracelet is crammed with detail:

    Les Nereides Demoiselles du Bonheur Garden Charm Bracelet ?139.95


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  • Dyrberg/Kern - New SS11 Jewellery Collection

    Just in is the new SS11 jewellery collection by Danish designers Dyrberg/Kern. Exotic temptress and seductress, the Femme Fatale has been a source of fascination for centuries. She’s portrayed as a woman who uses her femininity and powers of persuasion to enchant a man, leaving him hypnotised by her beauty. This Spring/Summer 2011, Dyrberg/Kern invites you to tune into the Femme Fatale secretly waiting to unfold. In the Femme Fatale collection we are featuring three new lines: FLAMENCO, CHANSON and ESSENCE.

    CHANSON - Affairs of the Heart

    Derived from the French word for song, CHANSON resonates with romance. Like the sweet lyrics to a love song. It celebrates the seductive, flirtatious side of you with a sneak peak into a woman’s boudoir transposed into jewellery. Including a luscious line of embossed corset closure details inspired by French lingerie. The teardrop motif is a reoccurring theme in golden and silver metal pendants. The classic pearl is contemporised in soft, muted colours like turquoise, dove grey and champagne.

    Dyrberg Kern Beas Necklace in Shiny Gold with Swarovski Crystal, ?64.95


    FLAMENCO ? Fiery and Fabulous!

    An exciting dance explosive with percussive passion, FLAMENCO ignites the fiery Latin spirit in all of us. Like the rhythmic, staccato clicks of the Flamenco dancer’s heels, dots form a mesmerising pattern of concentric circles. Meanwhile, roses add romance and intrigue, expressed in a graphic image of iconic allure. Inspired by the mystery and emotion of this cultural tradition imbued with Andalusian influences, now’s your chance to tap into the Gypsy Queen in you, wearing this season’s colours. Simple styles in bright colours make a strong statement, mixing multi-stoned, multi-tonal combi- nations to match your sexiest mood.

    Dyrberg Kern Zeferina Enamelled Circles Necklace in Black, ?152.95


    ESSENCE ? Universal Elegance

    Originating from the Latin word essentia meaning 'being', our ESSENCE line explores circular shapes in a sleek, extremely streamlined style. The circle is an ancient, universal symbol of unity, wholeness and infinity, associated with the female force, power and spirit. Indulge in an intermingling of sizes, shapes and dimensions when open circle outlines and spheres mix. ESSENCE celebrates the simplicity and symmetry of the circle in a vast array of expressions, including round beads and circular outlines. Embracing the universal meaning of continuity and completion ? with a slight ethnic angle, seen in shiny gold and silver metals in smooth domes surfaces. Adding instant impact are bigger silver or gold coloured spheres as striking signature rings in a high polish shine.

    Dyrberg Kern Vipasha Earrings in Turquoise, ?78.95 and Christiane Linked Bracelet with Turquoise Cabochons, ?82.95


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