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  • Have a Spring Fling with Les Nereides

    Hooray, it's (finally) Spring! A time of sunshine, sandals, ice cream and lovely floaty dresses. It seems as though many of our designers feel the same way, as we've noticed a proliferation of bright colours, big flowers and really playful themes in a lot of their Spring/Summer 2013 collections. And nowhere have we noticed this more than in Les Nereides's new collection. Taking inspiration from a number of sources, we think that their new pieces are some of the nicest we have in our store. ?Here's five of our highlights:


    Les Nereides Pas de Deux Asymmetrical Ballerina Earrings

    OK, so their legs may be doing things that ours can only dream of, but we love the femininity and grace of these?Pas de Deux Asymmetrical Ballerina Earrings (?80.00).?Finished with crystals, pearls and a sprinkle of glitter, these would make a lovely gift ?for the budding ballerina in your life.

    Les Nereides Paris Carte Postale Lovers in Paris Necklace

    Like the song, we love Paris in the Springtime - it's full of love, happiness and excellent croissants. This pretty and whimsical?Paris Carte Postale Lovers in Paris Necklace (?110.00) perfectly captures the spirit of the most romantic city in the world, with its?adorable scene of the Eiffel tower with a couple and a merry go round (the woman is holding a bunch of heart shaped balloons!)

    Les Nereides Champetre Butterfly and Crystal Drop Earrings

    Butterflies are cropping up in a lot of our designer's collections this Spring/Summer season, but we think that these?Champetre Butterfly and Crystal Drop Earrings (?50.00)?are some of the prettiest we have in our shop. Inspired by the romanticism and poetry of David Hamilton's photography, these dainty, handcrafted earrings have small butterflies with crystal set wings and a pear shaped crystal drop in bright pink.

    Les Nereides Champetre Garden Flowers and Insects Necklace

    If you follow us on Twitter (@accessories_uk), you'll know that we're head-over-heels in love with this exquisite??Champetre Garden Flowers and Insects Necklace (?220.00).?Bold, bright and utterly beautiful, this exquisite statement necklace is a garden of flowers, crystals and insects that have all been intricately handcrafted in Paris. This is a piece which is sure to turn heads, and inspire lots of admiring glances every time you wear it!

    Les Nereides Champetre Garden Flowers and Insects Cuff (Size Large)

    And if those weren't enough butterflies and bees for you, then this stunning Champetre Garden Flowers and Insects Cuff (?180.00) should do the trick. Nice and chunky, with lots of pops of primary colours, this would add a nice ?splash of brightness to a spring outfit.

    Fancy having a spring fling ?with some of our jewellery??Take a look at our website for more loveliness.?And make sure that you add us?Facebook?and on Twitter at?@accessories_uk?to keep up with all the latest news and exclusive offers!

  • Are you a Sinner or a Saint?

    We all know how hard it is to navigate between the Good, The Bad and everything in between.

    With the SINNERS & SAINTS collection by Dyrberg/Kern we try to identify the many shades of grey that constitute the place between Black or White; Bad or Good. We think it’s time to for every good girl to embrace her darker side, because every little angel in disguise knows that Saints go to heaven, but Sinners really go everywhere?..

    The collection SINNERS & SAINTS features unique jewellery pieces that every good or bad girl needs for spring 2013. Whether you want to look good or bad, cool or sweet, charming or sexy, we think you should follow your instincts and treat yourself?

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