Look your Sundae Best with Tatty Devine Jewellery

What to wear this summer? It's simple - put on your Sundae Best! Tatty Devine are serving up everything you need to look ice cream delicious. Top off your outfit with splats of ice cream, ice lollies and a glossy glac? cherry on top.

Tatty Devine Party Ring Necklace


The menu includes all things iced, from sundaes and lollies to party ring biscuits. There are even handpressed silk flowers and ribbons to turn you into the darling of the procession.

Tatty Devine Silk Flowers Hair Barrette


Get a taste of the seaside with chip forks, bunting, seagulls and anchors. Tatty Devine's signature shiny acrylic fashion jewellery is joined by luxurious materials and new textures, including vintage silks, Swarovski pearls and crystals, silky ribbons, and sparkling glitter acrylic.

Tatty Devine Chip Fork Necklace


So look your best this summer. Your Sundae Best.

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