The Peacock and the Crow by Alex Monroe

Crow Feather NecklaceOur newest Alex Monroe jewellery collection 'The Peacock and the Crow' will be arriving with us in the next few weeks. It's one of Alex's most anticipated collections so far and we've been incredibly excited about it since we saw the collection at London Fashion Week back in February.

The collection is based on a folk story of how the birds got their colours. Originally, the Peacock and the Crow both had plain white feathers, but moved?by a field of flowers, the Crow painstakingly painted the Peacock in a beautiful palette. When it was?Peacock's?turn, he didn't want to waste any time in showing off his new plumes, so promptly, and rather spitefully poured?a pot of black ink over the Crow.

Peacock Feather HoopsTaking inspiration from this tale, Alex has essentially created two collections in one, so you can decide whether your look is going to be bold and flamboyant, or a bit more dark and mysterious. The two distinct looks are glamorous gold plated peacock feathers adorned with gorgeous gemstones, or dark ruthenium plated crow feathers that have an almost petrol-like iridescent sheen to them.

Our favourite has to be the peacock feather hoop earrings with amethyst, apatite and emerald gems (left). They really stood out when we saw them at LFW as they're incredibly elegant and we love the way the gems drape down from the hoops. We also like the introduction of the darker ruthenium plating which adds a new dimension to Alex's work.

The Alex Monroe Stand at London Fashion Week


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