The Stories Behind The Brands

Ever wondered how the jewellery you wear came about? Where the ideas came from?

Well, we figured we'd break it down for you to get deep into the fashion. We've selected some of our most popular brands and given you the low-down on where it all began. It's a chance to really understand the stories of the fashionable pieces you wear, and who knows, it might even make you like it more!


Bibi Alhaja Bijoux is a brand known for its finest handmade jewellery. From their offices based in Holland, Bijoux specialises in hand crafted jewellery from the most quality of materials including silver and gold as well as Swarovski crystals. The range stretches from necklaces to earrings and each and every product that they produce blossoms with creativity, making sure that is something for everyone – explaining the word ‘Alhaja’ which is an old word that originates from Spanish meaning ‘specially made for you’, and we hope that by browsing our website and find what you’re looking for, that happens to just be the case.


Disney Couture brings the favourite characters of the Disney films into fun and fashionable accessories ranging from bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings and charms. The jewellery is licensed by Disney itself includes some of the iconic characters from famous Disney films such as Cinderella, Snow White, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Frozen, plus many many more.

Although the characters may appeal to younger ages, the jewellery is of the highest quality and can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. Each product comes with 12-month warranty at the time of purchase and all stones are Swarovski ELEMENT crystals which are one of the finest in the business. They’re also 100% nickel free and plated with 3 microns of silver, 14kt gold or platinum providing an incredible finish and sparkle.


Stocking Dogeared since 2004, we have one of the largest collections available on the internet.

It was founded in sunny Southern California in 1991 by Marcia Maizel-Clare who wanted to create jewellery that was both beautiful and meaningful. Her aim was to make jewellery that could tell a story or make a happy and hopeful statement. This ethos is what started the wonderful, creative journey that is Dogeared.

Dogeared jewellery is stylish and has purpose. Every piece can tell you a story about individuality, love, friendship or self-expression. It’s all about creating connections and celebrating the people and moments that matter in life. Every piece of jewellery is presented on a special card with happy messages of love, friendship and good karma.


Lola Rose started back in 2000, when founder and designer Nicola Gerwirtz began a personal quest to create a range of jewellery that was affordable, luxurious and would make the wearer feel glamorous. Nikki and her team always select the most vibrant and beautiful natural stones, which makes every jewellery piece unique and special. As Lola Rose jewellery is carefully crafted from the finest natural stones, it makes every piece unique. Stone quality is very important when creating semi-precious jewellery.

The product range for Lola Rose includes scarves, earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.


Tatty Devine was founded in 1999 by Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden. Their jewellery handmade designs are bright, inventive, whimsical and witty. Tatty Devine is unusual, distinctive, instantly recognisable and all about expressing yourself in a unique and fun way. Its purpose is to blur the boundaries between fashion, art and culture.

Tatty Devine jewellery is always original. Every piece is designed and crafted by hand in their London and Kent workshops. Their signature style is bright, quirky, bold, colourful and fun. Inspiration comes from anything and everything. Signature pieces are often handcrafted into bright acrylic shapes, however you might also find pieces crafted from wood, textile, leather and veneers.


Ti Sento Milano is a collection of luxurious and fashionable sterling silver jewellery that appeals to every woman. In Italian, the words words ‘Ti Sento’ mean ‘I feel you’ – their sole purpose is to cater to every woman, for that every occasion.

Following the latest fashion trends and driven by catwalk, news, pop culture and innovation, the talented design team create new ladies jewellery collections for each season. The collection of rhodium plated sterling silver jewellery includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, wrist wear and earrings in dazzling colours.

Browse the website to see the brands and items come to life. We have a great range to choose from!

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