Tribal Steel now available at Accessories Online!

Accessories Online welcomes Tribal Steel jewellery. We've recently announced that we'll be introducing a men's range to our products and Tribal Steel becomes one of the first to hit the website!

All items include a stainless steel finish and currently we offer bracelets and cufflinks from the Tribal Steel product range. Each item comes in the stylish and unique branded packaging, making it a perfect gift for a special occasion.

The bracelet items cater to numerous outfits and styles, each made from great quality leather and are available in several colours to match your chosen outfit selection. Each clasp on the design of the bracelet also slightly curves to fit the wrist perfectly are riveted with the band for that extra security.

The cufflink products all have their own unique design and are suited to any occasion, again predominantly made from stainless steel but individual in its own way. Some designs also allow for engraving if you feel the need to get that extra mile for that special person, or even if it's just to put a memorable message to stay with them forever.

You can see our full product range here.

Watch this space as Tribal will just be getting started. We hope you find the new brands are something different and expect more to come very soon!

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