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  • New Designer: Lenora Dame

    Firstly, a huge apology for not writing any posts for such long time. I'm not entirely sure where the last month has gone to, but it seems to have whooshed by!

    Floral Brocade LocketTo get back on track, I wanted to introduce you to our newest designer, Lenora Dame. Her beautiful handcrafted jewellery has just arrived from the US and went live on the site at the end of last week.

    Lenora Dame considers her career in jewellery design something that evolved, rather than a direction she pointed herself in and trained for.?? The birth of her first child made it apparent that the demands of that job and motherhood were not a good mix.? Growing up in a large creative family, with a mother who is almost never without a creative project in-hand ? knitting, sewing, quilting and most recently a prolific painter, was most likely the platform for her interest in doing something creatively entrepreneurial.? A collector by nature with a strong interest in anything vintage, Lenora found herself with a cache of vintage buttons ? which translated beautifully into jewellery.

    Vintage Birdy BangleHer early designs were almost exclusively made from vintage buttons and were one-of-a-kind creations ? Victorian metals, bakelite, celluloid and glass were among favoured materials.? ???A surprise came when high end boutiques were interested in the jewellery, even better ? did well with it and became regular customers. Looking for different ways to approach her designs, vintage and new beads and findings were mixed with the buttons to increase the assortment. In an effort to refine the line it became essential to learn different techniques of assembly, wire wrapping, stringing etc. which Lenora took on as a challenge.? ?A design shift was in the making.? Wanting to maintain a certain aesthetic, Lenora likes to use found objects as much as she can, vintage bits and pieces that create a look that is familiar and forward at the same time. Vintage textiles/prints are a favourite resource.? ??This of course requires time in antique shops, flea markets and auctions which is a favorite pastime.

    In September 2001, Lenora’s sister Alison joined her, bringing a strong marketing and business background and a partnership was formed.? Lenora lives in Chester County Pennsylvania with her husband Brooke Dolan and their two children.? Her studio is 15 minutes from her home in Chester Springs, PA.

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