We are proud to be stocklists of Treaty Jewellery, Beautiful designer jewellery are the creations of designer Maggie Round.Their design inspirations are taken from the ancient Ottoman era, involving harmonised art and nature subjects to bring fantastic organic and abstract pieces. The burnished silver finish, which is their trade-mark, eminates from age-old traditions of artisan jewellery production; each piece crafted by hand to guarantee quality. Beautiful hand-made products that have been ethically sourced.Every piece from the Treaty collection is handmade by professional jewellery workers in a safe and happy working environment.Treaty Jewellery is made from a unique combination of Zinc, Copper and Aluminium – commonly known as Zamac. Each individual piece is then silver-plated; a process which imparts a beautiful matt sheen to the jewellery and gives it the unique finish which is their trade-mark. All of their jewellery is guaranteed Lead and Nickel free.